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A Thought in the Dark is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on January 29, 1993. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written both by Bob Illes and James R. Stein.


Wanting to get Urkel off her back once and for all, Laura asks Ted to set the nerd up. He chooses his cousin, the beautiful Myra Monkhouse, someone who just loves Steve. The foursome head off to a Dave Koz concert, where Waldo is working as an usher. Meanwhile, Harriette discovers that Carl is covering for Judy after she ruined her expensive dress. Soon they discuss when to help out their kids.







  • Dave Koz as Himself



  • This episode marks Michelle Thomas's first appearance as Myra Monkhouse.
  • In the original end credits, Ted and Laura arrive at her house and starts arguing over their date. (citation needed)


Carl: $400 for your car insurance.
Eddie: Whoa. Hey, that's a lot of money.
Carl: You said it.
Eddie: I wouldn't pay it.
Carl: Edward. You know how you're always complaining about how I treat you like a kid? Well, I'm gonna give you some real adult responsibility. From now on you are gonna start paying at least part of your car insurance.
Eddie: But Dad...
Carl: No buts. The quarterly premium is $400, so I expect you to pay at least one-fourth of that amount out of your paycheck.

Laura: Listen, it's a double date. I'll be with Ted, and you'll be with Myra. Ted told her all about you, and despite that, she's looking forward to meeting you.
Urkel: Wait a minute. This is a transparent attempt to pawn me off on another woman. Well, it ain't gonna work. Never in a million years.
Laura: [in a soft voice while caressing his cheek] Please, Stevie?
Urkel: [giggling] Okay.

Urkel: She's a delightful, sweet young lady. But enchanting though she is, my heart will always and forever belong to the lovely Laura. Laura Lee Winslow, the girl with a smile that can light the darkest corners of my heart. Her ripe, full lips could kiss away all the sorrows and worries of my weary soul. Tonight, I was tempted by the effervescent personality and bodacious bod of another... and by God, I nearly succumbed. But I hereby declare, and all of you are my witnesses, that I shall never, ever stray. Nay, I say. Instead, I shall redouble my efforts to win Laura's heart. I shall pursue her relentlessly, until I hear those three magical words I have waited my entire life to hear: "I... give up."

Myra: [inner voice-over] God, I want Steve. I know size isn't important, but I bet his brain is huge. I don't know what he sees in that Laura, but I swear, I'll never rest until I make him mine.

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