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An Officer and a Waldo is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Family Matters, which aired on ABC on November 6, 1992. It was directed by John Tracy and written by David W. Duclon.


When Eddie yells at Waldo over a misunderstanding, Waldo's fragile self-esteem takes a huge hit. His response: Join the US Army reserves. Urkel doesn't hesitate to set Eddie straight and they promptly to go after him just to get him to change his mind. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette deal with a repairman who has a habit for overcharging his clients.


Eddie comes home with a great date at the movies in the mall with Vonda, while Laura is annoyed in having to spend her time there with Steve. She tells him that she didn't want him to come to the movie theater at the mall with her. Laura mentions that she invited Maxine to go watch a movie with her and was waiting for her arrival, not Urkel. He admits that she was sick and tried to call Laura to cancel. When Maxine didn't get an answer from her home, she called Steve to tell him what happened. He got into his car and drove to the movie theater at the mall. Urkel mentions that if he hadn't showed up to the movie theater to tell Laura this, she would've been waiting for hours wondering where Maxine is and why she's late. At least, Steve made sure she didn't go to the movies alone and kept her safe. As Eddie and Vonda are cuddling next to each other, he attempts to do the same with her. Laura is annoyed, pushes Urkel off her and tells him to go back home to the Urkel house. This doesn't seem to deter Steve at all.

Later on, Waldo shows up wanting to hang out with Eddie. He tries to explain that he's busy with Vonda. Waldo gets the wrong idea and kisses her instead. Angry, Vonda breaks up with Eddie and leaves. He immediately calls Waldo out for messing up his relationship with her. Eddie asked him to leave so he could spend time with Vonda. Thanks to Waldo, she had dumped him without giving him a chance to explain himself and calls him an idiot for it. Eddie tells him to leave at once. Waldo does, heartbroken that their friendship is over.

Meanwhile, Carl attempts to fix a defective ice maker machine in the refrigerator. Harriette and Rachel warn against it once again, pointing out his track record in his failures. Carl tells them off that they'll be wrong once more and that fixing things is a talent he does have. He plugs in the fridge and attempts to demonstrate the ice maker machine. It starts off fine, but then due to Carl's overpowering it, the ice maker careens the ice all over the kitchen and destroying a window. Harriette tells him off that he made things worse again and he looks through a phone book for refrigerator repairman.

In the living room, Eddie is calling Vonda who is still angry at him. He begs her for a 2nd chance to let him explain himself, but she refuses. In the middle of Eddie's phone call to Vonda, Steve walks in the Winslows' living room very annoyed and enraged by Eddie's behavior. He had been through two lengthy phone call conversations: One with Waldo who had been hurt over how Eddie treated him and the 2nd being his worried mother. Urkel takes the phone off Eddie's hands and hangs up on his call. Angered, he demands to know why Steve rudely hanged up on Vonda and how he was close in getting her back. Steve tells Eddie that they have bigger problems to deal with than him winning his ex-girlfriend back. He mentions he got a call from Waldo's mom and he has gone to Fort McGee. Eddie is confused and asks why he would go to Fort McGee. Urkel explains that Waldo had joined the U.S. Army. Still clueless, Eddie asks Steve why would he do such an idiotic move. He points out that Eddie yelled at Waldo and called him an idiot that lead to this moment. Only then, he finally understands why Steve was very upset with him and has to go to Fort McGee to convince Waldo to come home.

After hiring a repairman, Harriette discovers why Carl was so reluctant to get one that their neighbors had recommended. It turns out the man has been known to be a scammer who overcharges his clients and often takes unnecessary breaks. When he attempts to scam Harriette off her money, Carl shows up and threatens to arrest the man if he doesn't do his job, fix the fridge and leave his house at once. Fearing Carl, he does his job and still got arrested in the end.

At Fort McGee, Eddie and Urkel disguise themselves as soldiers and try to talk to Waldo. They are caught by the drill sergeant, Shiska, and taken inside the hut. Eddie finally apologizes to Waldo for his behavior. The boys ponder how they're going to convince the Sergeant to rip up Waldo's enlistment papers. That is until Waldo reveals he only followed a line, causing Eddie and Urkel to realize that he never officially signed up. The boys finally leave Fort McGee for home.

The end credits show Eddie, Waldo and Steve doing drill practice with the other platoon members.





  • Danielle Nicolet as Vonda Mahoney


  • Dennis Burkley as Repairman
  • David Graf as Sergeant Shishka
  • Juan Lamont Pope as Recruit (credited as J. Lamont Pope)




Eddie: Waldo, you just kissed my girlfriend!
Waldo: Yup. Now you've got some tough lips to follow.
Eddie: I didn't want you to kiss her for me! I wanted you to leave so that I could kiss her, you idiot!
Waldo: Oh.
Eddie: Now do you understand?
Waldo: Yeah, I understand. I understand something else too.
Eddie: What?
Waldo: My best friend thinks I'm an idiot.

Eddie: Why would Waldo do such an idiotic thing?
Urkel: It was your insensitive use of the word "idiot" that caused this whole mess.
Eddie: Waldo joined the Army because I called him an idiot?
Urkel: Hey, strong emotions and a weak mind can make a dangerous combination. Look at Yosemite Sam.

Eddie: Waldo, the only reason you joined the Army is because... Because I hurt your feelings.
Waldo: It's not the only reason. But you shouldn't have called me an idiot.
Eddie: Yeah, I know.
Waldo: You're supposed to be my friend. My best friend. When you called me that... I never felt so bad in my whole life.
Eddie: Really?
Waldo: Yeah. I mean, I admire you. I respect you. And I've always looked up to you. So when you called me an idiot, it hurt me. [pointing to his chest] Here.

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