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Best Friends is the sixth episode of the fifth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which aired from ABC on October 29, 1993. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written by Fred Fox Jr.


Harriette tries to fit in with Laura's friends to bond with her daughter. Laura is embarrassed until KC and Maxine reminds her that their mothers aren't exactly close to them. Meanwhile, Waldo appears to be a failure at his new job as cashier at the Mighty Weenie ... until Eddie remembers that Waldo is a talented cook.


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Urkel throws air kisses at Laura, but Carl hits him with a magazine. Soon the doorbell rings and Laura answers it to see Waldo dressed up as a pig. He goes inside the house and sits down on the left side of Carl.

At Mightly Weenie's drive thru, Steve is accosted by a clown after he said thank you. Meanwhile, Waldo comes to Mighty Weenie after being fired from a tattoo parlor for misspelling "mom" on a client's arm. He needs a new job because he has to support his family. Eddie offers him a job at Mighty Weenie.

Harriette tries a little too hard to fit in with Laura's social group to bond with her daughter. Maxine and KC think she's cool and bonds with her. However, Laura thinks otherwise and is embarrassed with her for telling them baby stories about her.

The next day at Mighty Weenie, Waldo appears to be a failure at his new job as cashier and it looks like Eddie will have to fire him. Steve defends Waldo by trying to convince him to give their friend a second chance just because he couldn't do the inventory right and was giving away free food to customers. The stove blows up courtesy of Waldo as he emerges from the kitchen, citing they need a new stove and floors to put it on, before smiling. Urkel reconsiders and agrees with Eddie for once that he needs to be fired.

Eddie goes to his father for a second opinion before making his decision to fire Waldo from Mighty Weenie. He tells Carl that he hired his friend and is considering firing him from Mighty Weenie since he's screwing up big time. However, if he does, Waldo will be devastated and he needs his advice. Carl gives Eddie the second opinion that he needed to hear, by having a heart-to-heart talk and convinces him to put his friend in a place he's great at by using a great example on his former partner, Joe Miller. He mentions that Miller was unhappy at being a beat cop, that the lieutenant transferred him to the mugging decoy unit. Since then, Joe was very happy about it and Carl tells his son he's the manager and part of his job is to utilize his employee's strengths. Realizing that Waldo is an excellent chef, Eddie decides to give him a second chance at Mighty Weenie.

Laura feels humiliated, when her mother shows her friends the Funky Chicken Dance and tells her to go away.

Steve is serving both KC and Maxine from the drive through window of Mighty Weenie, when Waldo shows up as the chef. Maxine is given a freebie from him because she is his girlfriend, but forces KC to pay for her food. Waldo leaves and Maxine asks Urkel how he's been doing. Steve tells her that since Eddie has made Waldo the chef of Mighty Weenie, business has been great. Eddie is impressed on how many people are finishing their food since he added a bit of gourmet quality in them. Waldo thanks him for not firing him by hugging and putting him in a place he's great at, cooking.

At home, Laura apologizes to to her mother for her outburst, but reminded Harriette that her friends came to see her. Harriette relayed a story of her own when her mother humiliated her on her Sweet 16 by skating with her boyfriend. Everyone applauded except for her and Laura knows how that felt. Harriette mentions to her that she told her friends the baby stories about her because she's proud of her. Laura asks her to teach her how to do the Chicken Dance. Throughout the end credits, Carl joins in on the fun by dancing alongside the women.







  • As of this episode, Urkel and Waldo are employees at Mighty Weenie.


  • This episode is set near Halloween, meaning that the season is currently taking place in October of a new school year. Despite this, Eddie Winslow is still a senior at high school like he was in Season Four, with no mention being made whether he failed to graduate.


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