Boyd Higgins, also known as Buck Higgins, is one of characters in the show Family Matters.

Fast Eddie WinslowEdit

In his first meeting, Buck appears at the Corner Pocket to be good natured and friendly to Eddie and Rodney. Boyd challenges Eddie to a friendly match of pool. However, Steve sense suspicious motives on Higgins' part due to his uncle, Cecil, recognizing the pool hustler from another pool hall he played at. Urkel tries to warn Eddie against playing Buck as he is a renowned pool hustler, only for him to ignore it and lose the bet. Higgins' true personality shows and he threatens Eddie with bodily harm if he's not paid the $200.

Returning to the Corner Pocket, Eddie gives Buck the money. However, then Urkel challenges him to a double or nothing match-up. Boyd is insulted when he calls the latter out for being scared of an extra money challenge. Higgins accepts the bet against Steve. To Buck and everyone else's surprise, Urkel shows a talent in pool. He was close to winning until Higgins cheats by breaking his glasses. Eddie tries to stick up for Steve by pointing out that he was cheating and that's unacceptable. However, a menacing threat from Boyd puts him back in his place. Carl comes in just in time with an equally imposing Estelle and saves Urkel by forcing his thugs back inside. After learning what Buck has done and with $500 on the line, he announces that he will fill in for Steve. Boyd claimed it's not fair, but Carl tells him off that his cheating by breaking Urkel's glasses wasn't either. He also mentions he has looked around enough to find a couple of laws being broken in The Corner Pocket and that Buck was responsible for doing such. Carl gives him an ultimatum: allow him to fill in for Steve or else he will have the latter arrested and escorted to Cook County Jail. Buck reluctantly and wisely allows Carl to fill in for Steve. He subsequently loses the game after Carl and Mother Winslow takes them back to school about pool.

He is played by Tim Ryan.