Bruce Lee Urkel is an alter-ego created by Steve via a celebrity sample potion called Bruce Juice in Season 6's The Substitute Son. He was portrayed by Jaleel White.

"Boards don't fight back" ~ Bruce Lee Urkel

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When Laura tried to convince him to use Stefan, Urkel refuses. He tells her that he won't be enough to protect her from the thugs who harassed her at a longshoreman's bar and used the transformation chamber to become Bruce Lee Urkel. After a lengthy fight, he emerged victorious against the thugs over there.

He makes his second appearance in Random Acts Of Science, when Steve teamed up with Carl to defeat a notorious gang known as the Serpents who raids police storages left unprotected. Tricking the gang into letting them use the transformation chamber, both Carl and Steve emerge as both Bruce Lee Urkel and Bruce Lee Winslow. They subsequently defeat The Serpents and knock them unconscious long enough for the police to arrive and arrest them.

Bruce Lee Urkel makes his final appearance in Karate Kids, after Urkel learns that the Piranhas have threatened both Richie and 3J, he plots for payback. Using his transformation chamber, they become their Bruce Lee counterparts to defeat the Piranhas and take back the park for the public. The character was written out of the show after this episode.

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