Buddy Goodrich, played by Ron Glass, is a comedian and actor who appears in the episode False Arrest and has fans such as the Winslows who watch his show on television every week.
However, Carl is the only one who isn't impressed by him for a reason. He thinks Buddy is a waste of time because of his unusual and bad way of parenting with his adopted children on the show. When Carl goes to the venue where the show is taped Carl notices Buddy's car parked in the hadicapped spot. He asks the manager to tell Buddy to move his car. The manager does, but gets into a fight with him and Carl tries to reason with him to move it. Instead, Buddy assaults him three times despite his warnings to stop and he's arrested for it. Carl reads him his rights.

The next day, Buddy Goodrich is released from jail and scheduled for trial. He reveals on television that the "rogue" cop arrested him when he "didn't provoke" him (in actuality he did provoke Carl that lead to his arrest). The Winslows get mad and don't want to talk to him, even when Carl maintained he did the right thing. During his visit, Buddy tries to get out of paying for the fine, but Carl refuses to budge on the matter and tells him that he needs to pay his fine. Immediately after, he calls him out on his bad way of parenting on his show and thinks it's wrong on all aspects. Carl reminds him that when the children screw up for their mistakes, they need to take responsibility for it and not the adults. However when Buddy gives himself away by telling him that he's got a good lawyer and is confident of winning the case, the Winslows having secretly listened to his confession and are angry about it. Realizing that Carl was right in his actions, they side with him and confront Buddy for it. They order him to leave their house at once and never return. The rest of the Winslows soon apologize to Carl for being mad at him when he was doing the right thing by arresting him. The next day, Buddy is found guilty after his manager testified against him in court and is forced pay a big fine and spend days picking up trash off the interstate. The smug Winslows takes a slow drive on the interstate to embarrass him more. Buddy hasn't been seen since, possibly his acting career and reputation was tarnished after everyone learned that he provoked Carl.


  • Ron Glass who played Buddy Goodrich was famous and well known for his role as Detective Ron Harris in the police comedy show Barney Miller.