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Daddy's Little Girl is the fifth episode of the third season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on October 18, 1991. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears.


When Carl's new rookie partner, Mike Forbes, pays a visit to their home, Laura immediately develops a massive crush. When Mike gets invited to dinner, she does a "slightly" better job dressing herself and comes before Mike dressed very sexy and with behavior she thought of as womanly; while it unbeknownst to her, made her look silly. When Carl laughs at her fancy appearance, her feelings are deeply hurt and she feels ashamed in front of the young officer. All the while, Harriette calls him out for hurting their daughter and demands for him to apologize. Carl and Laura finally make up when he explains he never meant anything bad but as she is his beloved daughter, he can't think of her as anything else but "his little girl". Also, Steve lands close to high tide in his family trip to Hawaii and has a "pleasant" time escaping from a certain Hawaiian woman.







  • Perry Moore as Officer Mike Forbes


  • Laura's teddy bear Humphrey Beargart that Carl won for her at the fair is the same teddy bear Stephanie Tanner has on Full House who she named Mr. Bear.
  • Despite Mike's surname being stated as Forbes in this episode, official synopses list it as Doyle.


  • When Carl jumps up from the couch, one of the cushions is displaced in a raised position. It replaces itself between shots.
  • When Laura commends Mike for taking a risk, she puts her hand on his knee. When she says, "You tickle me!" she puts the same hand on his knee again.
  • How was Steve able to call on his cell phone when his entire body (including his arms) are buried in the sand?


Rachel: Laura, men are like fish. If you wanna catch one, you've gotta put some bait on your hook.
Laura: How do I do that?
Rachel: Sexy perfume, soft hair, and a killer outfit. Girl, when you walk away... drag his heart behind. Heel!

Carl: I've been so busy trying to play Supercop for Mike that, honey, I didn't even notice you had a crush on him.
Laura: It's not a crush. It's a natural extension of my essential womanhood.

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