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Dance to the Music is the second episode of the fourth season of Family Matters, which aired on ABC on October 2, 1992. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by Joseph Cvar and Gary Menteer.


Laura, a nominee for homecoming queen, sets her sights on a popular jock and football player named Ted. Urkel, wanting to make Laura happy, helps Ted break the ice with her. Meanwhile, Carl becomes jealous of Harriette's piano teacher. At the homecoming dance, Waldo is Waldo in inviting two girls to the dance and makes Eddie uncomfortable with it.


In a B-story, Steve attempts to win Laura's heart with a rap music he composed with his portable karaoke microphone attached to a tape recorder. She tells him off that if he doesn't leave her house at once, she will do something that she'll regret. Laura reminds Urkel that her answer will always be No to him and turns off the tape. She reminds him they're supposed to be studying for their upcoming test for math class.

Carl is sick with the flu and Harriette tells him to take his doctor's advice in drinking lots of fluids and getting some rest before she leaves for work. Carl's moment of peace is interrupted by Urkel's arrival with board games. Soon, he orders Steve to go to school and leave him alone so he get some rest.

Laura is nominated for Homecoming Queen and Maxine is not happy with her nomination, nor the fact that she has turned down every decent guy she knows. She tells Maxine she has set her sights on Ted and wants to go to the dance with him. Urkel decides to skip asking Laura out and instead helps Ted break the ice the next day. He questions Steve in why he's taking the backseat, reminding him that he loves Laura. He admits it's true, but her happiness means more to him and reassures Ted it him that she wants to go to the Homecoming Dance with. He thanks Urkel for helping him out with his date.

At the house, Carl is feeling much better and is getting ready to go bowling with his friends. He soon isn't too thrilled about Harriette's new piano teacher, Oscar and feigns being sick again so he can chase him out of the house.

At the Homecoming dance, Steve is feeling a little sad for having missed out on his chance. However upon seeing how happy Laura is, he takes comfort knowing he did the right thing. Taking a break, she walks over to Steve and asks him why he didn't ask her out like he usually does. Urkel explains that he knows Laura's heart very well and she wanted to go with Ted. Thus, he helped Ted break the ice with her. Realizing how much Steve went out of his way to get her date, Laura plans to thank him. Also Waldo is Waldo in inviting two girls, Maryann and Vicki, to the dance. At first, Eddie asks is asking which one of the girls are his date. Waldo admits both are and angers Eddie. He mentions that he likes Vicki, but Maryann has a car and was hoping to carpool with her. Eddie calls Waldo out for being a rotten person. He agrees and his plan backfired when both girls found out he was two-timing them. Maryann got her revenge on Waldo by making him take the bus, while she and Vicki drove in her car.

Afterwards, the teacher leaves and she calls her husband out for being a jealous and insecure man. She only wanted to learn how to play the piano properly and Carl accuses him of getting in between his sheet music and her. Eventually, he realizes he was wrong and apologizes.

At the homecoming dance, Laura wins the title of Homecoming Queen and requests that Steve shares the dance with her as a token of appreciation for setting her up with Ted as her date.






  • Julius Carry as Oscar
  • Pamela Holt as Homecoming Princess



  • Due to the episode where Ted Curran made his first appearance ("Hot Wheels") airing as the twelfth episode instead of the second, this episode marks Ted Curran's first broadcast appearance.
  • Laura and Urkel dance for the first time.
  • This is the first episode broadcast to have a credits scene.
  • This marks the first time Steve's portable karaoke recorder makes its appearance.


Carl: That piano guy was making moves on my wife. Harriette, he was trying to get you between the sheet music.
Harriette: With you sitting right here watching?
Carl: Well, those musicians are kinky.

Laura: This dance goes to the one guy who has always treated me like a queen... Steve Urkel.

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