Dog Day Halloween is the seventh episode of the second season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on October 26, 1990. It was directed by Gerren Keith and written both by David W. Duclon and Fred Fox Jr.

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Steve learns a painful lesson when he tries to make good on his fantasy of saving Laura, while both of them are held hostage during a bank robbery on Halloween.

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  • Doris Hess as Marcy
  • Mark Nassar as Robber

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  • Carl's police attire (both his patches and badge) are not the ones of the Chicago Police Department. Carl's patches are generic with 'police department' on them. Actual CPD patches are white and octagon shaped and say 'Chicago Police'. His badge is a generic oval shape style like the ones of LAPD. Real CPD badges are 5-point silver stars.

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