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Dream Date is the twenty-second episode of the seventh season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on April 26, 1996. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.


Their dates are unable to go to the senior prom (Curtis' grandmother had just died and Myra had walking pneumonia at the last moment), leaving Urkel and Laura dateless. So they decide to go together and it proves to be Laura's dream come true—and a once-in-a-lifetime night for Steve as well. The obnoxious Nick Neidermeyer (Ron Orbach) returns. This time, he's the Winslows' next-door neighbor.


Steve and the whole school are preparing for the high school prom. Curtis tells Laura about how he can't wait to get into the prom with her. The vice principal, Mallet, comes over and tells Steve not to set off the alarms on the prom this time as he did years ago at a prom featuring Portrait. He asks Steve that it would be in the best interests for the school if he skips prom. Steve immediately refuses, pointing out that he's trying to be as less clumsy as possible and Myra's been helping him a great deal. These days, he's gotten a lot better in being careful in working on his posture and clumsiness. Steve messes up another school invention and says "Well, at least no one was hurt." The other kids respond (as Carl does when Steve messes something up), "Not yet." They then chase after him.

Onto the other hands of things, Nick Niedermeyer returns and says that if Carl doesn't take a portion of his gate down, he's gonna take it down for him. This leads Carl into another neighbor vs neighbor battle.

Later in the episode, Curtis comes and tell Laura that he can't make it to the prom because of a death in his family. This causes Laura to lose a date for the prom. Steve come in and starts to cry trying to get attention. Laura and Maxine asks what is wrong. Steve tells them that Myra couldn't make because of pneumonia. Maxine is going with Waldo, leaving Laura and Steve the only one's without dates. As she leaves, Maxine jokingly suggests they go together, while Steve says he doesn't know what to do but Laura suggests that he turns into her boyfriend/alter-ego Stefan. Steve agrees but turns back to Laura and says no. Steve starts protesting saying that Stefan didn't do anything to help with his senior year in high school. He says he doesn't care even if he has to go alone to the prom. He was about to leave until Laura stopped him and told him that she'll go with him to the prom under the condition that he doesn't run, mess up, ruin or bump into anything. Steve agrees and hits the door as always when him and Laura was about to leave to go pick up his tuxedo. He excuses the incident by stating they are not at the prom yet.

Along with going to the prom, they make it to the prom and Maxine and Waldo are there. Donna and her date arrives and her date tells everyone that Steve has arrived. The crowd doesn't seem real pleased but that was until Donna said that Steve's tuxedo fits. Steve's voice gets a little deeper from the tuxedo when Laura notices it. Laura, Maxine, Waldo and Steve go and check out some parts of the prom. Steve unintentionally causes an accident after moving a chair a girl was sitting in.

At the Winslow residence, Carl takes the trash out but then notices that Nick is taking down his fence. This causes another battle between them leaving Harriette to break them up. She tells them that instead of fighting they should be able to help each other. Nick insults Carl but then get covered in manure.

At the prom, special guest stars Immature appears. After the song, Steve tells Laura that they should go outside since Laura said she was hot. They talk to each other about fantasies and love, with Laura saying that Steve fulfilled her wish but only one thing is stopping this from being perfect. Steve asks what that is and Laura grabs his face and they share a nice long kiss not realizing that Steve caused a fight in the room by closing the door on a dude who was trying to get out. They kiss for a long time, ending the episode.




Special Guest Appearance by Immature (IMX)

Kelton Kessee

Marques Houston

Young Rome



  • Brooke Marie Procida as Donna Santangelo
  • Jerome Jones as Himself
  • Kelton Kessee as Himself
  • John Patrick White as Robbins



  • Vice Principal Mallet reminds Steve the time he set off the fire sprinklers at the junior prom in Stormy Weather.
    • Vice Principal Mallet is played by the late Fred Willard.
  • The events of Robo-Nerd are alluded to when Laura mentions Steve's sweet nature.
  • Nick Neidemeyer tells Carl that he bought the house next door to them. It may be Steve Urkel's old house that his parents rented out before they moved to Russia at the end of season 6.


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