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Dumb Belle of the Ball is the third episode of the ninth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from CBS on October 3, 1997. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written by Fred Fox Jr.


Ending up in the hospital after saving Eddie from getting hit by an oncoming car, Myrtle is thrilled when Eddie promises to take her to the Biloxi Debutante Ball, and teaching the others, including Big Daddy why Myrtle deserves to be there. Meanwhile, Laura upsets Carl when she goes out to the Sizzle Club in a thin, tight dress after promising to change into anything that was less revealing. She soon realizes how much she has hurt Carl after catching an episode of Extra!

After Myrtle saved Eddie from almost being runned over by a truck and pushed him out of the way. He ends up accompanying her to the Biloxi Ball in Mississippi.


Cast and Characters[]





  • Mindy Hester as Sara Sue Pettyjohn
  • Bill Kirchenbauer as Dr. Rubin
  • Van Stewman Jr. as Car Driver
  • Damon Chandler as Debutante Announcer
  • Sean Le Sure as Man at Ball (credited as Sean LeSure)


  • Another character played by Jaleel White would attend a debutante ball - Sonia in Sonic Underground.
  • An inconstancy in this episode is that Carl said he's 41 in this episode but in Words Hurt, he said he's 38. Also in Surely You Joust, his profile on American Gladiators says he's 42.
  • Despite the fact that Carl has a scene with Laura in this episode, he does not get angry at her the same way he did with Eddie in Tips for a Better Life. In the previous episode, he is pretty mad at her, this time for wearing very revealing dresses.
  • When Laura apologized for what she did, Carl said she could've just talked to him, but earlier, she did exactly that. Laura tried to reason with Carl by saying she's old enough to wear whatever she pleases, but he just decided to shut her out anyway.


Sara Sue Pettyjohn: [stuck up toward Myrtle's lack of style and class] That's the difference between *old* money and *new* money.
Myrtle: Oh, how true, how true! Old money has more wrinkles!
Sara Sue Pettyjohn: [gasps and leaves]
Eddie: [laughing] Good one, Myrtle!
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