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Farewell, My Laura is the twenty-fifth episode of the final third season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on May 8, 1992. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer.


A 1940s-style detective spoof, with Urkel playing gumshoe crime fighter Johnny Danger. Danger is paid to protect supper club owner Rachel, who is targeted by an assassin. When Rachel is killed, the "Wigglesworths", Murtaugh and Waldo are all suspects. Who murdered Rachel, and can he find out fast?


As Rachel's place is closing, Laura and Rachel notices a short story Steve wrote for a story contest at their school. Intrigued, they start reading it.


At the beginning, Johnny Danger is confronted by Laura Wigglesworth, & she tells him that someone is trying to kill her aunt Rachel Crawfish, & she asks him to meet her at her aunts’ restaurant to keep an eye on things. Laura and Johnny then drink something and after she walks away, Johnny begins to feel unwell, his vision becomes blurry, & his head keeps spinning & he collapses onto the ground & fells into a deep sleep.

Later on in the story, after he wakes back up, Johnny Danger finds Rachel stabbed to death. With her only son, Richie, not involved in the murder as he was out selling newspapers and is horrified by her death.

So, Johnny gathers everyone at the Wigglesworth house, & he starts to go over everybody’s alibis, because they ALL had a reason to kill Rachel. Estelle denies this, but he doesn't believe her.

Harriette’s ALIBI

He starts with Harriette Wigglesworth, saying that she was jealous of Rachel, because Harriette loaned Rachel the money to start her restaurant. Soon Rachel became rich & famous. Harriette didn’t get ANYTHING out of it. Johnny states that Harriette killed her own sister!

After that, the lights go out & a single gunshot is heard & when the lights come back on, everyone is shocked to see Harriette dead on the floor. Johnny says “On second thought, it wasn’t Harriette!”

Eddie’s ALIBI

Johnny then moves to Eddie Wigglesworth, stating that he ran the numbers (cheated money). Rachel found out about it and Eddie explains that he did all the work. She wanted 80% of the money and he says that it wasn’t fair. Johnny agrees that it wasn’t fair, but he says that he didn’t have to kill her!

Once again, the lights go out, a gunshot is heard, lights come on & Eddie is now dead! Johnny mentions maybe it wasn't Eddie.

Lt. Murtaugh’s ALIBI

Murtaugh says that every time someone gets accused, they die & he attempts to leave, but Johnny stops him, by saying; “Not so fast, flatfoot! You’re gonna make headlines again!”

Murtaugh asks what he’s talking out & Johnny explains that he’s being investigated for running a citywide extortion scheme (getting money illegally, extorting people) & if a business didn’t pay him, then they met with an accident. Murtaugh says that Rachel was making MILLIONS & that it wouldn’t have killed her to share the wealth & Johnny states that Murtaugh killed her because she didn’t share the wealth! Soon Murtaugh is found shot dead and making Johnny realize ne needs to be more careful with his accusations.

Estelle’s ALIBI

He moves to Estelle and she explains that Rachel stole her man (Judge Jenkins). That she convinced him to put Estelle away in a rest home. Johnny then confirms that Rachel would have her money as well. Estelle admits that she & Rachel had harsh words, but she swears that didn’t kill Rachel, but Johnny says; ”Oh Estelle, if we could only believe you!”

Lights go out, gunshot is once again heard, lights come on, & Estelle’s dead! He mentions that he believes her more now.

Chef Waldo’s ALIBI

Johnny shows Waldo a contract that he signed when Rachel brought him to America. He was aware that the "lifetime" contract was for 7 years & he cooked constantly, nonstop for her & he asked if he could start his own restaurant, but she said NO! Johnny then states that Rachel destroyed his dream & that’s why Waldo killed her! Lights out, gunshot, lights on & Waldo is now found dead on the floor.

Carl’s ALIBI

With only Carl left as a suspect, he states that he didn’t kill anybody, & Johnny states that Murtaugh ordered Carl to collect the extortion money from Rachel, but she refused. Johnny states that she secretly recorded the whole thing. Carl defends himself by stating that Rachel was gonna link it to the press and thus, ruining his career. Johnny points out that was no reason that he killed her!

Lights go out, & Carl screams; “NO!”, & then a gunshot is heard, & lights come on, & Carl’s dead as well.

Laura's Confession

This time, Johnny is face to face with Laura whose holding a gun in front of him. She tells him that it's his turn to die now. Johnny thinks fast & takes the gun away from her. Conceding defeat, Laura finally confesses that she stabbed Rachel & shot the others for one reason. She wanted to inherit her aunts' restaurant and killed the other members of the family, because they stood in the way of her, making her the last to inherit it. Johnny confesses that he loves Laura too much despite the pain she put him through and offers her a way out. They could get some fake identification cards and flee the country or she could confess.

Laura immediately calls the police and confesses to her wrongdoings. The Chicago Police arrives and drags her off to the station. Johnny narrates the ending with a sad note knowing that he'll never be able to let go of Laura Wigglesworth.

Back at Rachel's Place, Laura and Rachel sees Steve and are impressed by his creativity and wishes him the best of luck in winning the short story contest. As they're leaving, Laura asks him why he didn't pair Johnny and Laura together. Urkel mentions he wants to save that ending for them, which will happen in season 9.








[in their 1940s personas]
Urkel: What's your aunt's name, who'd want to kill her, and who do you like in the World Series?
Laura: Rachel Crawfish, you got me, and I like the St. Louis Cardinals.

Urkel: [voiceover, as Johnny Danger] So there I was, staring death right in the face. Was I about to take the Big Sleep?
[normal dialogue]
Urkel: Well, what are you waiting for?
Laura: [as Laura Wigglesworth, pointing a gun at Johnny] The narration to finish!
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