High Hopes is the seventeenth episode of the second season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on February 1, 1991. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Denise Snee.

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Steve helps Carl cure his fear of heights by going on a hot-air balloon ride. Things go wrong when a nearby plane causes Steve to fall out, but Carl manages to save Steve's life. Meanwhile, Rachel helps Harriette win a radio contest, but they start to argue on who should get the car that they recently won. After fighting for a while, Estelle suggests they sell the car, and split the money evenly.

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  • Jim Doughan as Jimmy

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Goofs Edit

  • After Carl pulls Urkel back into the balloon basket, his left arm is either wrapped around the support bar or resting against it, depending on the camera angle.
  • When Carl falls on Urkel, they land on the couch at an angle that would have been impossible to naturally end up from where they fell.
  • After Steve tells the Winslows he had to go home, he leaves in a hot air ballon, eventhough he just lives next door.

Quotes Edit

Lt. Murtaugh: You look familiar.
Urkel: We met once. You showed me a picture of your dog.
Lt. Murtaugh: Right.
Urkel: So, how is old Blood Fang?
Lt. Murtaugh: He's dead.
Urkel: I'm sorry.
Lt. Murtaugh: Yeah... like that's gonna bring him back.
Urkel: (to Carl) They actually give this guy bullets?

Urkel: Fine, you can spend the next 5 years whining about your mommy, or you can eradicate your problems in one day.
[Hums the theme song to Jeopardy. Carl later gets annoyed and covers his mouth]
Carl: One day sounds good
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