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Home Again is the ninth episode of the eighth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on November 8, 1996. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Stephen Langford also story by Stephen Langford and Jaleel White.


Urkel reunites Stefan and Laura. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to spend time alone but are constantly interrupted by Richie and 3J.


The episode kicks off with Steve making an invention to affect mankind. Eddie comes down stairs and ask Steve to do him a favor. Steve takes it as Eddie wants him to do his laundry but it was just that he wanted tickets to go see New Edition now that Steve is still friends with Johnny Gill. He tells Steve that it is Greta's birthday and he wants to treat her something for free. Steve tell Eddie that him and Myra has to double date with him. He promises it and leaves. In doing so, he knocks Steve's invention over and feels sorry but takes his focus off that and tells him to get him and Greta some parking tickets. After the intro, Carl comes in and tells Harriette that he is about to get ready for a date they're having. Harriette regrets to inform him that the babysitter for 3J and Richie backed out on them. She has a backup plan, saying that there is a Barney's pizza and the oven and their going to watch "The Bridges of Madison County". Carl asks isn't that a chick flit( which is another word for a movie made for women). The pizza is ready and 3J and Richie comes down and asks to eat some of the pizza while asking them to turn on another channel. They do and really doesn't feel comfortable having them around. On the other side of the story, Steve answers the door and Estelle appears and asks him to give her tickets to see New Edition while bribing him with Badger Casserole. This attracts Laura's attention to get tickets after she heard that Stefan isn't coming to the concert due to a commercial. She bribes Steve by doing the "Massage Feet/Feed Him/Neck Rub" trick. It doesn't work to her favor after she sees he wants a kiss. Carl and Harriette are in the kitchen and Carl asks for a movie but Harriette tells him that Richie has football practice. He asks for another day but she tells him 3J is a sweet potato pie in a Thanksgiving play. He says what about years from now. She tells him that the kids will be graduating. He tells Harriette that he misses her. She calls him "Earl" just to show how long it had been. Carl tells her that he wishes that they had more romance than babysitting while Richie and 3J sneak in on them. He says even though they want romance, he thanks God for the children in the midst of whatever goes on. At the theater in Downtown Chi-town, the concert starts off with a series of blades and flames. Special Guest Stars New Edition come on stage singing their hit song "Hit Me Off". In doing so, they say that Steve called for Stefan on his teleportation pad and he arrived on stage. Laura thanks Steve and Stefan dances with the squad while signaling for Laura to come on stage. They dance with New Edition and that ends the concert. Back at the Winslow residents, Carl and Harriette watch "The Bridges Of Madison County". Harriette is crying while Carl tells her that he has watched 2 hours of the movie and he hasn't seen Cliff blow one bridge up. 3J and Richie come in and tells Harriette and Carl that there is no need for them to get tucked into bed. They explain that Carl and Harriette have been missing out on a lot of things because of them babysitting. Carl tries to cover it up with him saying that they love babysitting. 3J and Richie say that they wasn't able to make it to the concert so their bringing it to them. Harriette tells Carl that they're going to put on a little show for them but Richie says "He won't, but they will". They dim the lights and 3J turns on another New Edition hit called "I'm Still In Love With You". Which leads into New Edition coming out of the kitchen and starts singing to Carl and Harriette. 3J and Richie thank Steve and he tells them to call him the king of love. They end the episode by dancing with New Edition. In the end credits, it is show that Laura and Stefan walk into the kitchen. Laura says she couldn't believe she was standing on stage with New Edition. She asks Stefan about the commercial and Stefan says he backed out. The commercial owner got mad at Stefan but he was over it. Laura tells Stefan she loves him and they share a kiss as the end credits end.

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