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Lost in Space (Part 1) is the first part of the two-part series finale (season 9) of Family Matters, which was aired from CBS on July 10, 1998. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written both by Gary Goodrich and Tim Stack.


After NASA buys the patent to one of Urkel's inventions, he's sent into space with a pair of astronauts to test it out. However, Steve's invention unintentionally causes a nearby satellite to crash into the space shuttle and before long he sends himself hurtling through outer space. Eddie graduated from the police academy and now a full fledge cop. Meanwhile, Harriette (worried for the well-being of rookie officer Eddie) demands to have him assigned to giving out tickets for parking meter violations. Since Harriett looks at the dangers of his son become a cop. Just as Steve is about to blastoff in the spaceship, Myra sneaks onboard. Steve tells her that she’s embarrassing him and their country. She’s escorted out by two other astronauts and they proceed with the countdown.


Cast and Characters[]


Supporting Cast[]



  • Dick O'Neill as Commissioner Geiss


  • Jennifer Rhodes as Blanche Geiss
  • Holmes Osborne as Buzz Conrad
  • Matt McKenzie as Mitch
  • Jim Meskimen as Mission Controller
  • Kevin Richardson as Alan
  • Perry Stephens as Anchorman


  • At the end of the episode on the Warner Bros. season nine DVD, there is a promo showing screenshots for the next and last episode
  • Laura mentions to her mother about Steve coming home, then going to the Polka Hall as she's loving polka since the last episode Polkapalooza
  • Steve Urkel is going to space and fixing the space shuttle.
  • Dick O'Neill's final appearance as Commissioner Geiss and Jennifer Rhodes' final appearance as Mrs. Geiss.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air May 8, 1998.
  • It is unknown why Myra wanted to stop the shuttle's countdown.
  • Myra makes a second to last attempt by trying to get Steve back by sneaking onboard the spaceship and stopping the countdown.
  • When going over the wedding guest list, Steve says not to take off Uncle Cecil. This was an oversight by the writers, as Uncle Cecil was mentioned as being dead in part two of the Paris Vacation episodes. Was he somehow resurrected fro the dead?
  • Steve also mentions that his parents won’t be attending the wedding. This was the beginning of what was to be a long-running storyline for the tenth season with Steve and Laura trying convince his parents to attend. They would eventually attend, but no actors were selected or discussed at that point in time.


Steve Urkel: Whoa, mama! (using catchphrase on Johnny Bravo)
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