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Lost in Space (Part 2) is the second part of the two-part series finale (season 9) of Family Matters, then it was aired from CBS on July 17, 1998. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written by Gary M. Goodrich and Timothy Stack.


NASA struggles to recover its astronauts and save Urkel's life. However, all ends well and Steve returns to Earth a national hero. While on meter duty, Eddie finds himself in the middle of a shootout. Eddie survives thanks to the lucky bullet-proof vest that Carl gave him. During that time, Carl and Eddie help Harriette realize that the job is dangerous and needs to support them no matter what. Harriette finally agrees to support Eddie in his career as a cop, and Carl tells Harriette that he understands that she's worried about Eddie's safety. Steve sees Laura at the end of the episode and says "You get more beautiful every time I see you." Laura then says she will kiss him only on one condition, Steve will have to promise to "never go into outer space again." Steve replies with "Only when we kiss, Laura Lee, only when we kiss" and they do, with a final cheer of approval from the audience.




Supporting Cast[]


  • Susan Ilene Johnson as Woman Getting Ticket
  • Matt McKenzie as Mitch
  • Jim Meskimen as Mission Controller
  • Kevin Richardson as Alan
  • Perry Stephens as Anchorman


  • As this is the series finale, Carl Winslow, Harriette Winslow, Eddie Winslow, Laura Winslow, Steve Urkel, and Myra Monkhouse all made their final appearance in the entire series.
  • To avoid any complaints or age rating problems, the producers elected to cut Eddie’s shootout scene from the syndicated version of the episode. For most re-airings, the scene only contains the chase. This creates a continuity error as it still contains the scene of Carl and Harriette taking care of his bullet wound. However, in later years some cable networks have aired the full scene.
  • For some reason, the outside Chicago shooting scene was cut out of the episode for the first shipment of season nine DVD’s. When the season was finally released, the syndicated version of the episode was mistakenly put on the episode list. Warner Bros. quickly fixed this with second shipment.
  • Jaleel White later said that the cast failed to realize that this was to be the final episode of the series until the cast came out for the curtain call where Steve and Laura's kissing scene took place.
  • Reportedly, this two-parter (which was originally shown as a one-hour episode) was not intended to be a series-ending episode, but due to the rising cost for salaries, and the rising production costs for CBS to keep it airing, there were talks of defecting to another network, but Reginald VelJohnson announced that season nine would be his last (on June 1998) if the show was to move to one of the two ongoing upstarts (UPN or the WB); in addition, former cast member Bryton James was either in or would be starting middle school in Fall 1998, so he decided this season would be his last, and eventually the rest of the cast followed suit.
  • This series became the longest running American primetime series then on the air when Seinfeld ended on May 14 along with Murphy Brown also ended on May 18, 1998 and retained that status until its final episode on July 17, 1998. It was succeeded by Friends.
  • This shows became the series finale after CBS' Block Party announced that series was cancelled after one season of Family Matters, because of the season finale, then in January 1998 when it was originally supposed to continue for one more season.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air May 15, 1998.
  • It has been rumored that Myra (Michelle Thomas) was not originally written to appear in the episode but was written in, as she was not expected to return for the planned 10th season due to her illness. Filming her scenes required short takes. She was in extreme pain, and was noticeably thinner than she had been in her previous appearance.


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