Lieutenant Murtaugh (played by Barry Jenner from 1990 to 1992) is Carl's unreliable and obnoxious second boss at the Chicago Police Department. He has a crush on an unwilling Rachel and tries to date her in season two's "Skip to My Lieu". Murtaugh is seemingly tolerant of Steve Urkel when they bond over root beer floats about their love lives at the end of that episode, but later impudently takes Steve's money over a poker game in season three's "A Pair of Ladies". Despite being known as buffoonish, Murtaugh had at one point in his career thwarted a bomb threat and had the terrorist responsible convicted, causing the bomber to swear revenge against him. The bomber had stalked Murtaugh and realized his workout habits, and wired a treadmill to detonate when it got below a certain speed, which would kill Murtaugh. However, this was the same time Carl was ordered to get serious about exercise in order to pass his physical test, and he used the rigged machine instead! When Murtaugh realizes Carl fell to a trap intended for him, he summons the bomb squad to defuse the bomb while Carl must keep running frantically.

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