Maxine Johnson is Laura's best friend. A few times, she has convinced Laura to do things that her father Carl would never approve of, such as going to the Sizzle Club in skimpy outfits or get back at Eddie by inviting all his former girlfriends to a party.

Apparently, as revealed in Season 6's Par For the Course, this is because, as she reveals, her parents are very neglectful and don't care about her at all. This is similar to the way Steve's own parents treat him with contempt and it's implied that she relates to him because of it.

When Laura complained about Harriette ruining her social life, Maxine snaps and tells her off she should appreciate having her be protective of her. She wishes she had Harriette as her own mother because at least she would benefit from it.

Maxine also wishes that Laura went through one day of being in her shoes having to deal with her neglectful parents so she'd learn to appreciate her own mother more. She was played by Cherie Johnson. Sometime Maxine and Waldo married and had kids.

Relationships Edit

Maxine has gone through a string of relationships with guys before finding love with Waldo Faldo. After they apparently broke up in season 8, she had a hard time finding a good, stable guy to be in a relationship with after Laura found love with Steve. She has dated Curtis Williams in season 8 and D'Andre in season 9. However, Laura was suspicious of him, but Maxine wouldn't listen to her. She learns the hard truth about D'Andre's drug trafficing when Eddie and Willie arrests both the guy and him.

Season 10 Edit

In the final season (had the show continued on), it would've been revealed that Waldo had gone on a discovery trip and had no intentions of ending his relationship with Maxine. He tells her that he wanted to marry her once he got back in Chicago and that his cousin, Bob, had screwed up the postcards (Bob's postcard was revealed to want to end his relationship with a girlfriend of his). Now host of his own tap dancing cooking show, Waldo marries Maxine and they have a steady life together in California with children of their own.

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