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My Bodyguard is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on March 17, 1995. It was directed by John Tracy and written by Felicia D. Henderson.


After foiling a robbery attempt by accidentally knocking out the crook with a broom, Urkel receives a series of threats, prompting Carl to become his bodyguard. Meanwhile, Eddie gets a new girlfriend, who happens to be the daughter of his hard-headed owner of Mighty Weenie.


Carl, Harriette and Urkel goes to Alicia's Market for a routine grocery shopping. Joey's brother, Ricky, distracts Carl by tricking into going after someone trying to steal chickens in the produce aisle. Joey held everyone hostage in the store, stealing Harriette's purse and demanding the clerk and everyone else to hand over the money. Unwittingly, Urkel foils the robbery with his clumsiness by accidentally headbutting the crook and hitting him with a broom to knock him out cold. Realizing the foiled robbery, Ricky flees the scene and Carl returns to the check-out line in time to see Steve handing Harriette's purse to her. He asks if everyone is ok. Harriette reveals that she's fine and that Joey tried to rob them. Carl is horrified by this news and that he was tricked. The witnesses mention that Urkel foiled the robbery and he is lauded a hero. Rather than recognize this, unfortunately this ends up causing Carl grief.

At the house, Laura is helping Greta study for a test and asks if she wants to take a break for lunch. She is happy and Laura promises to return with lunch. Eddie asks Greta out on a date and is threatened by Mr. McClure to treat her right.

The next day, Carl reads an article from the Chicago Chronicle praising Urkel's bravery in foiling Joey Latofski's robbery attempt at Alicia's Market. He is seen posing with the broom in the picture on the front page and the caption that reads "Nerd Bags Robber". Carl is further embarrassed when he reads an expose written about him by a reporter who happened to witness the robbery. He tells Harriette that according to eyewitnesses, Ricky tricked a gullible officer away as Joey robbed the store. When asked why he didn't respond, Carl was embarrassed to admit that he was over at the produce aisle and frisking a man for chickens. Urkel comes in with Myra and they're worried over someone going after him. He mentioned he had stared receiving death threats and was almost run over by someone angry at him for having Joey arrested. This prompts Carl to call his precinct to order around the clock protection of Steve until he is caught. Unfortunately for Carl, he is one of Urkel's guards.

After their date, Eddie is trying to be a gentleman under Mr. McClure's orders. Greta is fed up and seduces him into kissing her. Mr. McClure appears and is angry at the scene. It's there, Greta stands up to her father, revealing that Eddie had been a perfect gentleman to her all the way. She was the one who seduced him out of rebellion because she was sick and tired of her father acting like a control freak and just wants to live her own life. Mr. McClure agrees to ease up on her as long as Eddie treats her right.

At the hotel room, Carl is down on himself and Urkel talks to him. Carl confesses he's depressed because he put a lot of people in the store in jeopardy because Ricky tricked him, thus resulting in Steve rescuing them from Joey's robbery attempt. Later on, Ricky poses as Officer Miller and attempts to trick Carl again. Once Carl leaves, Urkel quickly realizes he sees Ricky rather than Officer Miller. Ricky vows to kill Steve because Steve foiled their heist. However, Carl comes back and tricks Ricky into opening the door for him by offering him money Carl owes. Ricky falls for the trick and Carl is able to save Steve by knocking him out cold. He then explains that he knew something was wrong when they usually do the past greetings. As Carl has known Officer Miller for years, he always tells him that he'll see him around. Miller would always reply "Not if I see you first." Ricky's reply of "OK" made him suspicious of his real intent and thus foiling him.






  • Greg Collins as Officer Miller
  • Kathryn Joosten as Grocery Checker
  • David St. James as Joey
  • Richard Vidan as Ricky



  • Guest star appearance is Ron Canada as Dave McClure
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Tammy Townsend as Greta McClure.
  • This marks the 2nd time Urkel has foiled a criminal, the first time was in Number One With a Bullet.
    • However, this is the only time he had been the victim of a series of threats by the criminal's younger brother.
  • Dave McClure confirms there are 53 Mighty Weenie locations he owns during this time.


Urkel: Dear nerd, you got my brother busted. When I find you, I'm going to kill you dead.

[Carl reads from the Chicago Chronicle. On the front page is Urkel's picture whom eyewitnesses lauded him for his bravery in foiling the lead robber, Joey Latofski, with his purchased broom at Alicia's Market. The heading reads "Nerd Bags Robber". Carl is further embarrassed over an expose written about him]
Carl: Harriette, will you listen to this? According to eyewitnesses, Joey Latofski's younger brother, Ricky, distracted a gullible officer while Joey held up Alicia's Market. When asked why he didn't respond, the officer replied "I was frisking a guy for chickens".

[Officer Miller is revealed to be Ricky Latofski in disguise.]
Urkel:[gasping] You're not Officer Miller.
Ricky: Bingo, you win the grand prize, kid. [removing the scarf which he plans to kill Steve with] You want to squeal on my brother. I'll give you something to squeal about.
Urkel:[notices Ricky had cough on the scarf.] Hey, you sneezed on that thing.
Ricky: Tell you what, today's victims' choice. How you want to die? I can throw you out the window, drown you in the sink [pulls out a gun] or blow your brains out.
Urkel: Uh, can we possibly add old age?
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