Myrtle Mae Urkel made her first appearance in the eighth episode of season 2, "Cousin Urkel", as part of an exchange agreement between Big Daddy Urkel and Dr. Urkel. She was played by Jaleel White.

Character Biography Edit

Myrtle was a rich Southern belle from Biloxi, Mississippi (living in the fictional Urkel Oaks, a rich antibellum house presumably in Biloxi's rural outskirts) who fell in love with Eddie at first sight, despite his obvious dislike for her. Her rich father, Big Daddy Urkel (played by Reginald VelJohnson), was a loving and caring father to Myrtle but did not approve of Eddie being his daughter's boyfriend except when bribed with cash. Like Urkel did in his pursuit for Laura, she frequently went to great lengths to capture the object of her affection, such as sneaking into his bedroom at night and trying to kiss him. However unlike Steve, Myrtle refused to ever leave Eddie alone and disrespects his personal space by stalking him, much to his extreme terror. After several years away, she returned to Chicago to visit her cousin and renew her pursuit of Eddie; by this time, he and Greta had started dating. Unlike Laura's would-be boyfriends, Greta was more successful in warding Myrtle off.

Finally, in the episode "Don't Make Me Over", after finally realizing Eddie doesn't like Myrtle and reaffirms his love for Greta, she relinquished her love for him. She decided to pursue other guys in the hopes of finding her true love and starts to leave. Although happy at first, Eddie quickly realizes that now Myrtle's leaving, his life would be boring without her mixing it up by reaffirming her love for him and asks for her to stay. Myrtle refused and leaves, telling him that she will find another man who will love her for herself.

Cancelled the sitcom Edit

Season 10 Edit

Had the show continued for a final tenth season, Myra and Myrtle would become friends and have a girls' night out, but get held hostage at one of the clubs. Eddie rescued the girls, but Myrtle still acted very cold around him. She also had a good time helping Stefan get to know the Urkel family before he disappeared in Death of Stefan. She, Maxine, Myra and a pregnant Laura would hang out at the Sizzle Club, but Laura grows concerned when the guys are more attracted to Myrtle, Maxine and Myra than her. It is unknown on whether or not she would witness the birth of Stephanie Laurine Urkel or not, as this would have been her true final appearance in the series.

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