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Old and Alone is the eleventh episode of the third season of Family Matters, which aired on ABC on November 29, 1991. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Stephen Langford.


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Laura tells Urkel he's banished from her life after he warns her about her new boyfriend's ulterior motives. In turn, Harriette tells Laura that her attitude may result in her growing "old and alone". Sure enough, she has a dream where she becomes an elderly spinster, who has grown "old and alone".





  • Garcelle Beauvais as Lulu
  • Bumper Robinson as Daniel Wallace



Daniel Wallace: Hey, look, Urkel. I like Laura. And what I like, I take.
Urkel: Whoa! Whoa! Take?
Daniel Wallace: Yeah. Girls can't resist me, man. But hey, don't worry... when I get bored with Laura you can have her back.
Urkel: Why, you brazen philanderer. You prey on tender and fragile women and break their hearts.
Daniel Wallace: Well, not on purpose. But hey, I gotta admit, you know, it does happen.

Urkel: Laura, this is a... a really special moment and... well, I think we should celebrate it by... getting married.
Laura: No.
Urkel: Engaged?
Laura: No.
Urkel: Going steady?
Laura: No.
Urkel: A date?
Laura: No.
Urkel: A kiss?
Laura: No.
Urkel: A handshake?
Laura: No.
Urkel: I'll see ya tomorrow?
Laura: Yeah.
Urkel: I'll take it.
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