Out with The Old is the first episode of the ninth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from CBS on September 19, 1997. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written both by David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer.

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Urkel decides that he needs to give himself a whole new look, somewhat similar to alter ego Stefan Urquelle, in order to win Laura's heart. The makeover comes just in time for Laura's charity auction, where bachelors' kisses are auctioned. Eddie makes $5,000 because of Myrtle's bids. When nobody bids on the nerd, Laura, reluctantly, makes the one and only bid on Steve's kisses. This ending foreshadows the changing relationship between Steve and Laura as Laura seems to enjoy the kiss much more than she expected. Meanwhile, Carl gets upset when he learns Harriette is making more money than him after a promotion, so Carl takes a second job to become the breadwinner again. However, he once again regrets it when he learns that Harriette had been planning a birthday gift surprise.

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Steve is finally fed up with Myra's refusal to let him change the way he looks. In her eyes, she sees him a perfect 10, the way he is. However, he doesn't see it the same way as her. He feels as long as he dated her, he'll still remain a geek with the hitched up pants and squeaky voice. He makes the executive decision to goes through with the makeover despite her pleading. He even takes speaking lessons from his doctor and the deep voice Sheila. On the night of the kissing contest held by the sorority, Laura wages high for Stefan, but loses the bet to one of her sorority sisters. Greta is the next to bet for Eddie, but she loses to her rival, Myrtle. Finally, Steve shows up in his new look, a green buttoned down shirt, with black slacks reaching to his ankles, new black shoes, no suspenders and oval silver rimmed glasses. He spoke with his new deep voice. When no girls bet for Steve, Laura bids for him out of pity. Both are surpised when Laura goes in for a second kiss. Meanwhile, Carl is jealous of Harriette's high promotion that he ends up a second job being a moonlight parker.

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  • Mercedes Colon as Girl #1
  • Lizette Carrion as High Bidder
  • Damara Reilly as Sheila
  • Laura Meshell as Girl #2
  • Peter Van Norden as Roy
  • Javier Ronceros as Pepe Perez
  • Alli Spotts as Irene
  • Richard Fox as Dr. Grabowski

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  • Final time we see Steve in suspenders, as he decides to try and change his appearance from this point on in the season.

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