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The Opening of the Paris Vacation episodes

Paris Vacation (Part 1) is the first episode of the eighth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on September 20, 1996. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Fred Fox Jr.


Steve has created an invention that he calls the "UrkPad." Steve, the Winslows and Stefan use the UrkPad to teleport themselves to Paris, France for a vacation. During this vacation, Stefan gets a chance to become a male supermodel, Eddie annoys a café owner and ends up being told that he has to work at the café for two weeks and Steve has a new friend, a lovely French girl named Nicole. Steve is unaware that Nicole and her cousin, Gilbert, plan to steal the Urk-Pad's blueprints, because they believe that it can make them a fortune.


Part 1 of The Paris Vacation kicks off when Myra comes to the Winslow home to see a special invention Steve made called a teleportation pad which will take you to a random place. A call come in from a cell phone, which Urkel is seen talking to a feminine voice whom, he explains to Myra is his pen-pal, Nicole. She's asking him for some American cheese to be sent to her in Paris. Carl comes into the kitchen while Steve is on the phone and accidentally steps on the teleportation pad transporting him to Paris, France. Nicole welcomes him to Paris.

The rest of the Winslows come into the kitchen and realize that Carl is gone. Harriette asks Steve what is going on. Steve tells them that Carl got transported on the Urk-Pad(which is the teleportation pad) to Paris. Everyone is confused and mad at Steve for letting this happen until Carl comes back on the Urk-Pad dressed in Paris type clothes saying bonjour. Harriette worried about Carl hugs him and he tells her what went on leaving the full family except Myra(who has to stay home to recover from a bunion surgery removed from her toe) to travel to Paris.

They arrive in Paris in a hotel and meet Nicole that introduced Carl to Paris. All the rest of the family arrives including Laura and Steve's alter-ego, Stefan. Steve and Nicole goes to the garden where she wants to know about him and his technology. Yet, he's unwilling to divulge any information about his Urk-Pad for a good reason. Nicole heads south to the other side, sits down and talks to a her cousin, Gilbert, who she is working for. He asks her about her knowing what the teleportation pad is. She said that she knows what to do. Gilbert then puts shades on and lets whatever Nicole is going to do be a good feeling to him.

Meanwhile, Stefan is still feeling like he doesn't fit in the world and Laura suggests he talks to Steve since he's the creator. Just before they could, they hear arguing between the lead model and the photographer over his payment. He has followed through on his threat and left the photoshoot which is for an automobile magazine. Stefan seeing how hurt the female models are takes over and does the shoot. The photographer is impressed with this.

Outside the café, Carl and Harriette are discussing their trip. She admits that the Urk-Pad is one of the best inventions Steve's made. Carl agrees, mentioning that he had finally made something that hasn't backfired on them. At a street corner, Eddie is infatuated with a cute French girl and follows her. He ignores the traffic laws and gets into trouble with the owner of the café and the Porsche, Andre, who shouts at him in French for being clumsy. So Carl has to talk to the man and calm him down. Harriette rails on Eddie for not following the traffic laws and thinking with his hormones again. Carl tells him that he has managed to work out a deal with Andre. He mentions that Eddie must work at the café for two weeks or he can go to jail. Horrified by the latter choice of jail, he chooses the café.




  • Mathieu Delarive as Andre
  • Christopher Birt as Gilbert
  • Gilles Detroit as Phillip
  • Fily Keita as Nicole
  • Sylvie Nyamuka as Angelique


  • Again a stunt double is used for Steve and Stefan and special effect on Camera for Jaleel to be seen as both Stefan and Steve at the same time in a few scenes.
  • This episode and the second and third parts were actually filmed in Paris.
  • In order for this episode to be accomplished, filming took place approximately two weeks earlier than normal. The entire cast agreed to come back early in order to film it.


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