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Paris Vacation (Part 2) is the second episode of the eighth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on September 20, 1996. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Jim Geoghan.


Stefan and Laura participate in a fashion show, while Nicole and Gilbert capture Urkel and hold him hostage inside the Paris Opera House, where he is forced to build a new teleporter.


As the Paris Vacation continues, Steve is calling the front desk asking for a outside line to Chicago to check on Myra, who is watching the house while the Winslows are gone. He tells Myra that him and Stefan is starring in a French version of Coke called "La Pop". Myra feels happy for him and asks him to put the telephone on his cheek so she can give him a kiss through the phone.

On the other side of that, Eddie continues to work at the café. Carl comes to check on him and see how the job is going. Eddie explains to Carl that he hates the job but Carl doesn't really seem to care owing to the fact that he did it. Eddie spots the girl, Angelique, once again and loses control and drops some dishes on the floor. Carl still is confused on how this is going. Andre comes out and tells Eddie that he'll add the plates to his bill. Eddie speaks English to him but him take it as him being offensive so he just walks away.

On Steve's side, him and Stefan do a commercial but before that happened, Stefan tells Steve that he has a hard time really figuring out who he his. Steve tells Stefan that the only reason he made him is just because he wanted to gain love from Laura, but he also realizes how selfish that is. This is mainly because of his relationship with Myra and Stefan suspects he does have feelings for her. Steve also admits to creating Stefan for another reason. He had been trying to gain his parents' love and failing miserably as they blame him for being born. Stefan feels guilty for Steve in having to gone through such horrible parents and realizes why he likes being around Carl and his family They were the closest family members Steve has. Stefan asks if there's any relatives that could help him figure out who he is and if he fits in the Urkel family. Steve confesses he knows some who can help him including Myrtle, Big Daddy, Uncle Ernie and Aunt Oona. He can call and ask them to help Stefan out. He then asks Steve if's he's as smart as the former and is told no. They film the commercial starting off as Steve on the beach posing for ladies who walked by him. Steve drunk some La Pop and turned into Stefan, which immediately attracted all the ladies.

Later then, Steve takes a walk with Nicole. He sees a couple making out and snaps on them but Nicole told him that he needed to stop because it wasn't called for. Steve and Nicole sit down and Nicole starts working on Steve telling him that there is something about boys that makes her steamy for them. Steve then tells Nicole that he is happily in love with Myra, but Nicole doesn't care and starts to kiss him twice. After that, she tells him about the Urk-Pad. Steve snaps and tells her that it's his invention she wants not love. Nicole tells the truth and says that she did want the invention. Steve steps over to a red car that Gilbert is fixing. Gilbert pulls out a 44 magnum full loaded and aims it at him. He told him that he wants the blueprint for the Urk-Pad. Steve asks what if he doesn't. Gilbert says that he is going to die. He puts him in the car telling him he don't want to attract a crowd. Steve tries to correct him, but it was a matter of time before Gilbert got fed up and put him in the car. They take him to a Paris Opera Center. Steve asks why are they going there and he says so people won't hear him scream. Steve tries to correct him again when he says scream wrong but this time Gilbert caught him on the 3rd time he tried to do it. They went downstairs and Gilbert asked him 1 more time to give him the blueprints. Steve denies it. Then, Gilbert moved him out of the way and then shot a mannequin. Steve immediately fesses up and give it to them.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Laura enter into a modeling show. Carl tells Harriette to let him know if one of the outfits catches her attention. Harriette tells him that those outfits aren't for sale in Chicago or Paris. The show starts and the participants come out one by one in different outfits. The crowd goes wild for Stefan leaving one woman to grab his leg and security came and got him. The last of everyone comes out and that ends the show. Carl and Harriette congratulate Stefan and Laura on their ceremony. One of the host tells Stefan that he was so good that he can become a model. Laura askes the host if Stefan could do his modeling in Chicago. The host says that if Stefan wants the modeling position, he has got to move to France leaving him with a tough decision to go to Chicago or move to France and leave Laura in Chicago.

Onto Steve, Nicole tells Steve that she is sorry about the situation and that she never knew that Gilbert planned to kill him after the invention was made. Steve is confused saying that he never knew he was going to kill him when it was over. That left Nicole saying "oops" and Steve even more nervous about it. END OF PART 2. Part 3 will show that Steve is trying to get away with the help of Carl and Nicole and stop Gilbert from killing him.

Cast and Characters[]



  • Christopher Birt as Gilbert
  • Mathieu Delarive as Andre
  • Gilles Détroit as Phillipe
  • Antoine Herbez as Guy
  • Fily Keita as Nicole
  • Sylvie Nyamuka as Angelique


  • It is revealed by Steve that Uncle Cecil has died but its unknown how.
  • Stefan questions Steve as to whether his relatives were his as well to which Steve remarked was a murky connection.
  • Again a stunt double is used for Steve and Stefan and special effect on Camera for Jaleel to be seen as both Stefan and Steve at the same time in a few scenes when they both interact with each other.


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