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Paris Vacation (Part 3) is the third episode of the eighth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on September 27, 1996. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.


Steve is held hostage in the opera house and Gilbert gives him an ultimatum, either build him an Urk-Pad of his own or else. The nerd reluctantly gives in to his demands and builds him the Urk-Pad of his own. He's upset with his pen pal for her involvement with her cousin and her betrayal of her word to keep his invention discreet. Then Nicole reveals that she is sorry for what she did and explains why Gilbert has been blackmailing her for some time. He wanted to make a fortune off Steve's invention and will stop at nothing to get his own way. After that, she warns him that when the pad is complete, Gilbert and his gang will kill him. Steve completes the pad on time and teleport to the hotel to enlist Carl's help to stop Gilbert. Meanwhile, Stefan decides that he wants to go to Milan to pursue his career. Eddie is finally able to talk to the French girl that he likes and learns she works as a chef at the café.


Gilbert plans to kill Steve after he's done and Nicole doesn't want that to happen. Gilbert even threatens to kill Nicole when she stands up for Steve and she tells Gilbert that no amount of money is worth killing someone. He doesn't care, pointing out this is their only shot at being rich. Once Steve's done, Gilbert tells Steve to show him how the Urk-Pad works. When Steve does show Gilbert how it works, it transports Steve and Gilbert to Carl and Harriette's hotel room. Harriette knocks the gun out of Gilbert's hand. Steve decides to transport back to Nicole to protect her from Bernard and Jacques, two guys that Gilbert left behind but he ends up in the Winslow living room where Myra kisses him briefly and tries to seduce him. However, Steve resists, but promises Myra they will have a romantic night when he returns. He needs to get back to Paris to help Carl and Nicole against Gilbert. Steve tries it again and this time, Carl and Gilbert end up where the two men are holding Nicole. Steve ends up in that same room. Now, Steve, Nicole and Carl are being held by Gilbert and his two men. Carl fights off Gilbert, Bernard and Jacques long enough for himself, Steve, and Nicole to get out of the opera house with the Urk-Pad, but Andre and his two men are chasing them. Carl, Nicole and Steve get a ride from a landscaper and Gilbert, Bernard and Jacques get in a car and chase them. After some time, the landscaping truck crashes into some boxes that were left outside. It becomes a chase on foot.

Meanwhile at the café, Eddie is still frustrated with Andre's constant demanding. He finally notices Angelique coming in and saying "bonjour" to him. Eddie finally is able to talk to her and finds out she works as a chef during the evening hours.

Laura and Stefan are walking near the Eiffel Tower and Laura supports Stefan's decision to stay in Paris to pursue a career as a model. Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, that's where the chase goes to. Carl, Steve and Nicole split up. Gilbert follows Steve up the tower, and tries to throw him off. Steve finds himself hanging on to the railing. Gilbert tells Steve to tell him how the Urk-Pad works, and he'll pull Steve back up. Carl and Nicole, who are still at the bottom, see the struggle. Carl is carrying the Urk-Pad. Gilbert loosens Steve's grip, and Steve starts falling to his death. That's when a pair of police officers grab Gilbert and Carl saves Steve's life by turning on the Urk-Pad in high gear when he sees his falling point, which transports him to the Winslow living room safe where Myra kisses him. Steve is relief to have been saved by his own invention after all this. Steve ends up back in Paris and he thanks Nicole for rooming them in the hotel room. She then apologizes for her actions and that Gilbert along with his gang will face justice. he and the Winslows, minus Stefan, later use the Urk-Pad to teleport back to the Winslow house.

Cast and Characters[]



  • Christopher Birt as Gilbert
  • Gilles Détroit as Phillipe
  • Fily Keita as Nicole
  • Sylvie Nyamuka as Angelique
  • Francis Terzian as Jacques
  • Philippe Vittoriani as Bernard




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