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Rachel's Place is the first episode of the second season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on September 21, 1990. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer.


Feeling like a freeloader, Rachel decides to look for a career beyond writing. Steve and Laura both get a job at Leroy's, the local teen hangout. After Steve accidentally burns down Leroy's, Rachel, with Steve's help, wants to open up her own diner and call it Rachel's Place. She asks Carl and Harriette to help obtain the funds but because Carl invested $5,000 on a stock (which has since gone down), they realize they don't have enough money. However, Estelle comes up with the funds needed and Rachel's Place has its grand opening a while later.






  • Brigid Coulter as Jolene Santiago


  • John Hancock as Leroy
  • William Long Jr. as Fire Inspector



  • With this episode, Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) goes from a recurring character to a main role
  • Bryton McClure assumes the role of Richie Crawford with this episode and will continue to appear as Richie through Season 9.
  • Bridgid Coulter made her a special guest and first appearance as Jolene Santiago in this episode, then she has boyfriend named Don Cheadle is also an actor.
  • This episode originally aired as an hour-long special that combined the first two episodes of Season 2. It aired the Wednesday before the TGIF viewing on Friday and had a cold open with Urkel and Eddie. There is a scene cut where Steve and Rachel hash the idea of a restaurant before the meeting with Carl and Harriet. There are also other little bits cut for time on both episodes.


  • During the meeting in the living room, the sheet on the floor goes from spread out to more folded up without anyone touching it.
  • When Leroy lifts Urkel up by the collar, four parfait glasses are on the counter. One sits apart from the others, behind the condiments. Once Leroy has set Urkel down, it cuts to a closer shot of him and the glasses are grouped together.
  • The interior of Leroy’s looked different than it did in Season 1.


Rachel: It's almost impossible to find a job these days.
Laura: [running in] Guess what? I just got a job

Urkel: Hi everybody! Welcome to Leroy's!
[Handing out]
Urkel: Menu, menu, menu, menu, menu.
Carl: Uh, just bring us burgers and fries.
Urkel: [collecting] Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
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