Rachel's Place is the name of the diner that Rachel opens up in the episode Rachel's Place, after Steve accidentally burns down Leroy's. Rachel's Place was here on season 2-3. It made a small appearance in the beginning of season 4. They cut out their kid's hangout scene. No explanation what happened to the place. Steve and Laura exit the place.

Employees at Rachel's PlaceEdit

  • Laura Winslow
  • Steve Urkel
  • Gladys: Mentioned in A Pair of Ladies. She quit for unspecified reasons.
  • Loretta: Also mentioned in the same episode. Loretta was fired by Rachel for stealing food from her restaurant.
  • Harriette: Temp worker, but Rachel saw how controlling she is in the way she rearranged her restaurant. In the end, Harriette and Rachel worked things out.
  • Ramon: The chef at Rachel's Place.