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Rachel Baines-Crawford (born October 26, 1951) is the younger sister of Harriette Winslow. She was introduced as a golden-hearted, logically-minded, strong, and attractive widowed sister. She moved in with the Winslows shortly after her husband, Robert, died. She’s the mother of Richard "Richie" Crawford and the daughter of Jimmy Baines who appeared in "Finding the Words" to reconcile with her and Harriette after he walked out on them when they were younger. Budding singer, she is also a writer and an entrepreneur, opening Rachel's Place in 1990, which replaced Leroy's, a similar hamburger joint that Urkel had accidentally burned down. The restaurant is later replaced by Mighty Weenie. Rachel Appears In the first three seasons & appears infrequently for a number of episodes In the fourth season due towards her getting her own sitcom called Getting By. The Sitcom Getting By was canceled after two seasons and she returned to Family Matters after a year's absence. She made occasional appearances during the sixth and ninth seasons. She considered herself more beautiful than Harriette. Rachel's trademark was hats. Her final appearance was in Deck the Malls.


In the first season, she was a freelance writer whose story about her own characters in a short story from a women's magazine offended most of the Winslows except Eddie (who later got beat up after attempting to date a girl whose boyfriend wasn't very fond of him). This caused a serious rift between Harriette and Rachel because of it. Laura and Judy knew the only way that they were to get along again was to lure them in the kitchen, by using an example of themselves. Harriette and Rachel eventually reconcile, while Carl had a short, but brief talk with Eddie about picking the right girl to date.

In Seasons 2 and 3, Rachel buys out the former hangout spot from Leroy and transforms it into Rachel's Place. Urkel and Laura have worked there on her wait staff part time due to both attending school. She had a few more waitresses but according to Rachel, she lost them in with Gladys quitting and having to fire Loretta for stealing food from the pantry. It's by this time she's the object of Lt. Murtaugh's affections, much to her disgust knowing the latter's sexist and chauvinistic reputation.