Rock Video is the twenty-second episode and the finale of the first season from the television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on April 27, 1990. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by Geoff Gordon and Gordon Lewis.

Plot Edit

Eddie's ego runs amok when he tries to enter a rock video for a contest, with Steve as the cameraman. (Eddie's friends are, surprisingly, very friendly to Steve this time around.) Edward's narcissism eventually disgusts his band mates, who desert him and cause his family to call him out for it. Wanting to salvage his hopes for winning the contest, he eventually calls on Urkel and his family to make a friendly rap video, "We Are a Family" with Estelle as the DJ. Also, Carl tries to settle the family's taxes to no avail.

Synopsis Edit

Coming home from a weekend away from camping, Laura and Carl are talking about a wonderful weekend they had. They agreed it was nice that once in a while that they didn't have to deal with any surprising and annoying visits from Urkel. Laura and Carl later visited and annoyed by Steve.

Carl tries to get some silence so he can deal with the taxes, causing Laura and Judy to leave the kitchen. Harriette comes in and isn't very happy about Carl attempting to do the family's tax returns. She points out that he doesn't have the experience and the patience to deal with it. Harriette also mentions Carl should do the right thing and call his older brother, Calvin. She knows that he has the patience and the resource to deal with their taxes. Carl refuses thinking his brother is going to rip him off again like last time. Soon, they hear loud rock music from the living room. Carl and Harriette run in to see Eddie and his band(consisting of his friends Rodney, Jerry and Kyle) playing. Mother Winslow is seen dancing to the music and Carl immediately yells at the group to stop playing at once. Eddie tells him that his band needs to practice for a Rock Video contest for MTV which the first prize is $1,000. Carl tells him that his band can't play in the living room because he needs quiet when dealing with the taxes. He allows Eddie and his band to play in the garage.

Eddie and his band needs equipment to film his video for a contest. Rodney foils them by allowing his camera to be broken due to his attempt to try and spy on the girls in the girls locker room at their school. Steve comes to the rescue with his audio and video advantages from his middle school. Rodney, Jerry and Kyle vote against letting Urkel shoot their video but Eddie overrides them stating that they need him. Rachel has come up with ideas for the video but Eddie decides he wants to keep things simple.

While that is going on, Carl once again attempts to deal with the family taxes to no avail and Harriette admonishes him for getting the wrong tax files. She tells Carl again to do the right thing and call Calvin to help them deal with their taxes. He quickly refuses, which Mother Winslow mentions to stand back and watch him crumble.

However on the day of the video shot, Eddie's big ego runs amok and tells Steve to limit the lens to just himself. Although Urkel reluctantly agrees, he makes a brief remark about Eddie's music video being a bigger bomb than Howard the Duck (from George Lucas). He's feeling uneasy in leaving out Rodney, Jerry and Kyle out of the video.

After watching the video in the living room, his band gets upset and confront Steve for his actions. He defends himself, revealing Eddie's plans to leave the others out of the video and keep the camera lens on him. Rodney, Jerry and Kyle had enough of Eddie and leave him. Laura and Judy didn't like it either but Eddie claims they were just jealous because they weren't in it. However, his ego is deflated when Carl disagrees and confronts him for his behavior. He points out that no one in general liked the video deriding it as narcissistic and ego-driven in how he left everyone out except himself. Harriette agrees and admonishes Eddie for being a camera hog. She tells him off that his bandmates had a right to leave him. She points out his video wasn't a rock video, but rather a love letter to his egotism and he has only himself to blame for the matter. Rachel also agrees stating Eddie originally asked her to help out with the production but he quickly pushed her away. Estelle leaves him with Urkel, implying she is also disappointed in Eddie as well.

Eventually, Harriette has enough of Carl's stubbornness in letting himself deal with the taxes and asks Calvin to help out, which he succeeds in doing. When Carl learns about it, he is upset about it because he was close to figuring it out. Harriette points out that Calvin was able to help them save thousands of dollars on their taxes, making Carl apologize for his actions.

Cleaning up from the whole thing Eddie finally apologizes and admits it was his song. Carl tells him that even though he wrote it, everyone is included in it. He also mentions that when someone decides to be an egotistical jerk and leave everyone out, he usually ends up being alone. Eddie agrees and believes he won't be able to win the contest now but his great family comes to support him to try to win the MTV Rock Video contest, which they do with a family friendly song "We Are A Family".

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  • Bumper Williams as Kyle
  • Chance Quinn as Jerry

Trivia Edit

  • This marks Bumper Williams' first role as a minor character. He would return as one of Laura's would-be boyfriends, Daniel Wallace.
  • The final appearance of Joseph and Julius Wright before replacing the new Richie as Bryton McClure in 2nd season.
  • Carl's younger brother Calvin is implied to work for the IRS
  • Final recurring credit of Jaleel White as Urkel. He later joins the main credits beginning with Rachel's Place.

Quotes Edit

[After Laura and Judy reveals how much they hated the video]
Eddie: You're just jealous that you weren't in it.
Carl: [Confronts Eddie] No one was in it except you!
Harriette: You can't blame them for walking, Eddie. That wasn't a rock video. That was a love letter to Eddie Winslow from Eddie Winslow.

Rodney: [Furious after seeing Eddie's music video] I can't believe it.
Eddie: This is so cool! It's hype! It's super bad!
Harriette: You got the "bad" part right.
Rodney: Urkel, what were you doing? The camera was on Eddie the whole time.
Urkel: You want to feel this one out big guy.
Kyle: All you could see is my right foot.
Jerry: At least you were in it.
Rodney: Urkel, you screwed up big.
Urkel: Hey, I was only following Eddie's instructions.
[This catches Rodney, Jerry and Kyle's attention and Eddie is embarrassed by Urkel. Rachel faces Steve.]
Rachel: Exactly what were Eddie's instructions?
Urkel: To keep the camera on him and forget all the other meatheads.
Rodney, Jerry and Kyle: What?
Urkel: [points to Eddie] His words, not mine.
[Eddie's band-mates abandon him for his narcissistic attitude.]
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