Rodney Beckett (portrayed by Randy Josselyn) is one of the characters in the show Family Matters.

He is a practical joker who plays a trick on Eddie in the episode Straight A's. Like Penny, he had no patience for Urkel's antics. He did, however, seem to show concern for Urkel when he got into trouble with bullies and informed Eddie. Rodney was a member of Eddie's band in Rock Video for the contest until Steve's loose lips forces him and the others to abandon the band.

He is played by Randy Josselyn.

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  • Rodney was one of the few white regulars who began as Eddie's best friend.
  • He was mentioned one last time in Taking Credit, when he tried to get Eddie to ditch Steve so they can go camping together. However, after being called out, Eddie finally decided to honor his deal and forces him to go camping with Urkel whether he likes it or not. Rodney last appear is in fast Eddie Rodney last seen in a band with eddie