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Saved by the Urkel is the third episode of the fifth season of Family Matters, which aired on ABC on October 8, 1993. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written by David W. Duclon.


After ignoring Urkel's warning to unplug the lamp before making its repairs, Carl is electrocuted and rendered unconscious. Fortunately for him, Steve is the only one who knows what to do by having Eddie get a first aid kit and administering CPR to save Carl's life. When he regains consciousness, the Winslows are grateful to Urkel. This harrowing experience inspires Eddie, Laura and Waldo to take CPR classes.


When Steve causes a major calamity in Carl's garage (again), a more infuriated than ever Carl banishes Steve from visiting the Winslow home ever again.

When Steve later on comes by against Carl's wishes to try and reconcile with him, Carl accidentally electrocutes himself while trying to fix a lamp and is rendered unconscious. As Waldo and Eddie are lost at what to do besides call the ambulance. Steve, remembering his CPR training, is luckily able to successfully resuscitate Carl and the family is relieved. The family from then on is more than glad to have Steve around the house, showering him with gratitude and extra kindness. Although difficult for him, Carl lifts Steve's banishment and is thankful for him saving his life. However, things are put to the test when Steve visits Carl in his garage the next day as he is working. When Steve begins to cause one clumsy accident after another, Carl is tempted to yell at him, but holds back out of his gratitude.

All the while in the kitchen, Eddie and Laura discuss the events of the previous day and are still shaken by the fact that they had almost lost their father. Eddie in particular is down because of him being clueless on how to save his father when he needed him, and to make them both feel better, Laura convinces Eddie that the two of them should take a CPR class. When Steve comes in to get a soda for Carl, Laura's and Eddie's continual gratitude finally gets him to come to a realization.

Steve returns to the garage and tells Carl that it's okay for him to be angry at him when he messes up but Carl is still reluctant because of him saving his life. Steve explains that he is grateful that he was able to save him but that they should still always be honest with each other regardless and encourages him to always express how he truly feels in certain situations. When Steve once again causes a major accident in the garage just seconds after they talk, he encourages Carl once more to express his rage. Initially reluctant but on the verge of snapping, Carl finally does so, scolds Steve for his clumsiness and chases him out of the garage, much to Steve's delight. Later on, Steve, despite no longer wanting over-the-top gratitude from the family, tries playing the card on Laura one last time but is unsuccessful. Regardless, however, she tells him that she is very lucky to have him as a friend, kisses him on the cheek and leaves Steve satisfied as she leaves the room.




  • This episode marks the final time Carl Winslow attempts to repair things by himself.
  • The deer head that hung from the wire when the shelf collapsed was actually an accident. When the shelf was released, the head got caught on one of the wires that was holding the shelf in place until it was released. Instead of resetting the scene, Director Gary Menteer elected to keep the shot as he found the accident to be very funny.
  • Urkel refers to his parents as "Mom" and "Dad" despite referring to his parents, and almost everyone else, by their given names since his first appearance in the series.
  • The scene where Steve is administering CPR is referenced in "What's Up Doc?" when Carl remembers the times his life was saved.


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