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The fifth season of the family sitcom Family Matters originally aired on ABC from September 24, 1993 to May 20, 1994. The season consists of 24 episodes. It was released on DVD (Region 1) on February 16, 2016.

Opening Credits[]

For this season, the opening credits remain the same as the previous season as the only changes were Jamiee Foxworth & Telma Hopkins title cards being removed entirely & after Jaleel White's title card, the Winslow family is shown gathered around the piano singing, followed by the house being shown zooming away from the camera (as it did during the end credits for Seasons 1-5).



Portrayed by Character
Reginald VelJohnson Carl Winslow
Jo Marie Payton-Noble Harriette Winslow
Rosetta LeNoire Estelle Winslow
Darius McCrary Eddie Winslow
Kellie Shanygne Williams Laura Winslow
Bryton McClure Richie Crawford
Jaleel White Steve Urkel
Shawn Harrison Waldo Geraldo Faldo


Portrayed by Character
Cherie Johnson Maxine Johnson
Michelle Thomas Myra Monkhouse
Shavar Ross Alex "Weasel" Park
Clyde Kusatsu Principal Shimata
Tom Poston Mr. Alfred Looney
Fred Willard Vice Principal Mallet
Gary LeRoi Gray Little G
Arnold Johnson Fletcher Thomas
Patrick Cornin Science Teacher


Telma Hopkins (Rachel) and Jaimee Foxworth (Judy) are now departed and no longer part of the regular cast. Shavar Ross (Weasel) still continues to recur until episode 16.

Closing credits[]

Starting this season and continuing until the series' end, the closing credits are done over an additional final scene with the credits themselves bottom-aligned.

Production changes[]

With Warner Communications' purchase of Lorimar-Telepictures/Lorimar Television in 1989, Warner Bros. Television officially took over production for the final four seasons.

To help the show compete with the other shows on its time slot, the production value was raised for season five. More sets were introduced, there were more celebrity appearances, and the plot lines for the teen characters were subtly becoming more mature.


Season five was met with mixed reviews from both fans and critics. Viewed as more of a transitional season, many were pleased with the increased production value but felt the season had no particular direction. The shows tone was also viewed as inconsistent as it changed multiple times within season.


Season five consists of 24 episodes.

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Director Writer(s)
97 1 Hell Toupee September 24, 1993 John Tracy Regina Stewart Larsen
Myra visits Urkel at school for lunch, and once again accuses Laura of trying to vie for his affections. The end result is a huge food fight. Meanwhile, Carl – feeling he has lost his romantic touch with Harriette – decides to invest in a toupee. He later feels better when he learns that Harriette has also been dealing with hair problems as well.
98 2 It Didn't Happen One Night October 1, 1993 Gary Menteer Joseph Cvar and Gary Menteer
Laura oversleeps on the morning of a huge cheerleader competition in Cincinnati, Ohio, and asks Urkel to drive her there in his BMW Isetta. She quickly becomes frustrated with the car's slow speed, and in trying to get Steve to drive faster, causes it to break down. The two are eventually forced to bunk together in a low-rent motel, where Laura really gets frustrated. Eventually, Urkel becomes a little too irked and stands up to her, leading Laura to finally apologize for her behavior. Meanwhile, Carl gets annoyed as Fletcher and Estelle continually express love for each other in public, which is something he never does with Harriette. He also makes an inept attempt to fix the kitchen window after Steve broke it by jumping through it, against Harriette's admonition to call a professional.
99 3 Saved by the Urkel October 8, 1993 Gary Menteer David W. Duclon
Carl is trying to repair a lamp and refuses to listen to Urkel's advice: unplug it. Carl electrocutes himself, and only Urkel knows CPR. Steve ends up saving Carl's life. The Winslows find themselves indebted to Urkel and shower him with gratitude. The incident also inspires Eddie and Laura to learn CPR.
100 4 A Matter of Principle October 15, 1993 Richard Correll Jim Geoghan
In the series' 100th episode, Harriette's job at the Chicago Chronicle as manager of security has taken a back seat to Urkel's antics in the series' four years, but it takes center stage here. The newspaper is experiencing budget cuts, and Harriette's boss, Mr. Rollins, asks her to cut her workforce. Harriette doesn't want to fire anyone, and Carl gives her some advice on how to tell Mr. Rollins this. The end result has Harriette losing her job. Meanwhile, Myra transfers to Urkel's school, all to snare herself a certain nerd. She eventually asks Eddie and Laura for advice in winning Urkel's heart, resulting in a wild comedy of errors.
101 5 Money Out the Window October 22, 1993 Gary Menteer Gary M. Goodrich
Eddie still hasn't gotten over the gambling habit, and Weasel and Waldo entice him in their football betting venture (even though Urkel warns him about the risks of gambling since he was the only one who did learn his lesson). When Eddie loses a bundle, a thug named Bones (Bubba Smith) pays him a visit, threatening him with serious injury if the debt is not settled in a timely manner. Refusing to listen to Steve, Eddie sells Carl's precious stamp to settle the debt: a decision he will regret and simply wish Bones beat him up before his father finds out (which Carl does via Steve and the owner of the Stamp Emporium). Meanwhile, Laura adds a night job to her hectic schedule to try to get more money for a car, resulting in her being tired throughout the day. Soon Harriette convinces her to focus on her day job and let them come up with the other half of the money.
102 6 Best Friends October 29, 1993 Gary Menteer Fred Fox Jr.
Harriette tries (a little too hard) to fit in with Laura's social group to bond with her daughter. Laura is embarrassed until KC and Maxine reminds her that their mothers aren't exactly close to them. Meanwhile, Waldo (who has been fired from a series of jobs) appears to be a failure at his new job as cashier at the Mighty Weenie ... until Eddie remembers that Waldo is a talented cook and rehires him as a chef.
103 7 Grandmama November 5, 1993 Richard Correll Story by: Jaleel White
Teleplay by: Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan
When Eddie dumps Urkel as his partner in a prestigious 2-on-2 basketball tournament in favor of a star player (Darius McCrary's real life brother, Donovan McCrary as Kenny "The Spider" Jackson), the nerd turns to Grandmama (NBA star Larry Johnson's alter ego) for retribution. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette quarrel over Laura's curfew. Laura sees this and decides to take responsibility for herself in the matter.
104 8 Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool November 12, 1993 John Tracy Jim Geoghan
After Laura gets fed up with Urkel's mischievous behavior, she tells him that he needs to change. So Urkel devises the ultimate scheme to win her heart...a potion called "cool genes" that will make him cool. Steve drinks the potion and becomes Stefan Urquelle, an ultra-suave, good-looking ladies man, and quickly wins Laura's heart and becomes popular with other girls as well. However, it isn't long before Laura's fed up with his arrogant narcissistic nature and rather have the irksome nerd back. When Stefan questions why, she admits as annoying as Urkel is, he was more caring towards others and he complies by eating a tablet (serving as the antidote).
105 9 Car Wars November 19, 1993 Richard Correll Shelia M. Anthony
Laura wants to buy a car, but finds the high-pressure salesman more than she can handle alone, given his sexist attitude. At Urkel's suggestion, she dons a mustache and hat and poses as a man to buy a car. Steve is close to spoiling Eddie's love life, especially when Eddie's previous and current girlfriends meet.
106 10 All the Wrong Moves November 26, 1993 Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr.
Laura, Urkel and Waldo each have dates at the drive-in movie theater. Laura's boyfriend wants to have sex, but doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word "no". Myra wants to have sex with Urkel, but when he too refuses, she decides perhaps it's a good idea to wait. Waldo, of course, is Waldo, what with his bringing lawn chairs to enjoy the show, much to an embarrassed Maxine's chagrin. Meanwhile, Harriette starts charging Carl for services after they fight over a credit card reward. Soon Carl realizes his behavior is wrong, apologizes to Harriette and buys her a new refrigerator.
107 11 Christmas is Where the Heart Is December 10, 1993 Richard Correll Stephen Langford
Urkel and Carl become stranded on a subway car after a power outage on Christmas Eve. Carl and all of the car's passengers are ill-tempered, wanting to get home to celebrate the holidays with their families, leaving it up to Urkel to remind them that Christmas can be celebrated anywhere with anyone.
108 12 Scenes from a Mall December 17, 1993 Gary Menteer David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer
Myra demands commitment from Urkel or else. When he refuses and asks her to give him his space, she ends up leaving in a crying fit. Steve must now turn to Laura for help to calm an upset Myra down. Waldo constantly worries that other boys have their eyes on Maxine, causing him to go into a jealous fit. Meanwhile, Eddie learns that the store model he has a crush on is married. Also, while Harriette is at a job interview, Carl gets burdened with having to watch Little Richie & his friend, Lil' G (Gary LeRoi Gray). James Avery makes a surprise visit in the end credits.
109 13 Rock Enroll January 7, 1994 John Tracy Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
Eddie considers postponing college in favor of a singing/songwriting career, particularly when Shanice performs the song he wrote. Shanice soon inspires him to go to college and get his degree when she reveals her plans to finish school. Meanwhile, Urkel becomes depressed when no one seems to remember his birthday, unaware that Laura and Estelle are planning a surprise birthday party for him.
110 14 Like a Virgin January 14, 1994 Richard Correll David W. Duclon
Wisecraking, Jimmy blabs about his latest conquest until Urkel lets slip that Eddie has never had sex with anyone, leading to plenty of locker room teasing. He's embarrassed, until Laura reminds him that Jimmy isn't popular with the girls and is the butt of their jokes. Eddie and his friends soon realize that still having your virginity as a teenager is just fine. Meanwhile, Urkel seeks advice from Estelle when he needs her help in avoiding Myra, who wants Urkel to commit to her.
111 15 Good Cop, Bad Cop January 21, 1994 Richard Correll Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
Carl has warned Eddie about his late-night carousing before. So when Eddie is pulled over for a traffic violation, he says he was the victim of racial profiling by a pair of overzealous police. Carl refuses to accept his son's story of how he was "a black in a white person's neighborhood", and a huge argument ensues. On Harriette and Mother Winslow's advice, Carl sees the two officers at a coffee shop and decides to get their side of the story. What he finds out is the ugly truth (it's all like Eddie explained) when the senior officer is revealed to be a severe racist. An angry Carl threatens to report the senior officer for his racial profiling, while also urging his rookie partner to re-examine his own attitude. Meanwhile, Urkel gets more than he bargained for when he takes a worried Richie to the dentist.
112 16 Presumed Urkel February 4, 1994 John Tracy Felicia D. Henderson
Accident-prone Urkel is accused of blowing up the school's chemistry lab following an accident. With his academic future on the line, Laura defends Steve against someone who seems a little too eager to have him expelled. Soon Laura proves Urkel's innocence by revealing who was really at fault with a blacklight. Exposed, Dexter Thornhill revealed he framed Steve for the crime because he wanted to win last year's science fair and hated him for it since.
113 17 Father of the Bride February 11, 1994 John Tracy Stephen Langford
To get him out of his hair for the evening, Carl sends Urkel on a bowling date with Laura, then watches a movie. Estelle warns him that they may fall in love, but he ignores her and dozes off. Carl quickly has a nightmare about how Urkel and Laura fell in love, got married and gave birth to a brood of Urkel-kids in the year 2009.
114 18 Psycho Twins February 18, 1994 Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan
Urkel invents some "snooze juice", which is intended to help police officers easily apprehend criminals. The potion is demonstrated at a professional wrestling event, and The Psycho Twins (one of whom is Carl's old high school friend) accidentally drinks the snooze juice, So Steve & Carl have to fill in for the Real Psycho Twins in the ring, The tag team's opponents, the WWF's (now WWE) Bushwhackers, find out Carl is one of something they hate; cops, which spells trouble for Urkel and Carl and leads Eddie and Waldo having to rescue them.
115 19 That's What Friends Are For March 4, 1994 Richard Correll Shelia M. Anthony
Eddie earns a college scholarship, and everyone's cheering for him but Waldo, who feels like he'll lose his friendship with Eddie once he goes off to college. However, Eddie has a surprise for him: he got Waldo into an elite cooking school. Meanwhile, Carl refuses to tell his own family why he doesn't want to take a police test, which could make him a lieutenant. Steve quickly figures out why, he has a fear of failure and Estelle convinces him to overcome his fears by taking the test. He does and becomes lieutenant.
116 20 Opposites Attract March 18, 1994 Gary Menteer Felicia D. Henderson
Laura is editor of her school's newspaper, and quickly gets into a series of conflicts with one of the staff writers. Meanwhile, Urkel is robbed and gets the hiccups. Carl helps him with his hiccups and learns they were caused by the trauma he felt during the robbery.
117 21 A-Camping We Will Go April 1, 1994 Richard Correll Stephan Langford
Urkel tags along on Carl's camping trip with Eddie and Waldo. Urkel tries to give Carl some advice, but he refuses to listen ... and everyone could soon regret it.
118 22 Nunsense April 29, 1994 John Tracy Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
Urkel, offended that his privacy had been violated, tells Myra to get lost when she presents him with a nude drawing of himself. The next morning, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent, causing the nerd to assume that she plans to join. He quickly enlists Eddie and Waldo to dress as nuns to find Myra and get her to reconsider her joining the nunnery. Of course, she had gone there to visit her aunt, but none of this comes out in the open until the guys are nearly arrested. Meanwhile, Carl becomes annoyed of Harriette's habit of leaving her wedding ring on the soapdish (located very close to the bathroom sink) when she puts on makeup.
119 23 Aunt Oona May 6, 1994 Gary Menteer David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer
Urkel's shy Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) from Altoona visits. Harriette and the others help break Oona out of her shell – by taking her to a karaoke bar for a singing contest. Meanwhile, Eddie & Waldo need to win to pay for an accident caused by Waldo's snowmobile.
120 24 Stefan Returns May 20, 1994 John Tracy Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan
Urkel, still pining for Laura's heart, renovates his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do so. He's a much friendlier person this time, but the formula soon wears off just as Laura professes her love for Stefan. Urkel is resolved to one day make Stefan permanent.