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The sixth season of the family sitcom as Family Matters which originally aired on ABC from September 23, 1994 to May 19, 1995. The season consists of 25 episodes. It was release from DVD (Region 1) on April 12, 2016.

Opening Credits[]

This was the last season to use opening theme song and credits as the remaining seasons featured the cast members' names appearing at bottom of the television screen during the opening scenes.

Reginald VelJohnson is the only cast member to have an new opening title card, for Michelle Thomas, her title card is only shown in the episodes she appears in (same as Telma Hopkins back in Season 4) and Jaleel White's title card now reads "Jaleel White as Steve Urkel".

Carl: standing on the stairs in the Winslow home, putting on his Police cap & poses

Harriette: watering her flowers outside the house,

Estelle: dressed to play tennis as she poses with her tennis racket

Eddie: tuning up the engine of his car

Laura: standing in front of the mirror, trying on some of her clothes

Richie: is riding his bicycle

Waldo: tossing a basketball (and someone off-camera tosses the ball back to him as it bounces off his head)

Myra: trying to get Steve's attention (as he's busy reading a menu) by gently blowing into his ear

Steve: trying to enter the Winslow home w/ the family blocking the door to keep him from entering


Main Cast[]

Portrayed by Character
Reginald VelJohnson Carl Winslow
Jo Marie Payton-Noble Harriette Winslow
Rosetta LeNoire Estelle Winslow
Darius McCrary Eddie Winslow
Kellie Shanygne Williams Laura Winslow
Bryton McClure Richie Crawford
Jaleel White Steve Urkel
Shawn Harrison Waldo Geraldo Faldo
Michelle Thomas Myra Monkhouse

Recurring Cast[]

Portrayed by Character
Cherie Johnson Maxine Johnson
Telma Hopkins Rachel Crawford
Tammy Townsend Greta McClure
Sherman Hemsley Capt. Marion Savage
Tom Poston Mr. Alfred Looney
Fred Willard Vice Principal Mallet
Ron Orbach Nick Neidermeyer
Gary LeRoi Gray Little G


  • Telma Hopkins rejoins as recurring cast member after she had left the main cast (season 4).
  • Michelle Thomas joins the semi regular series as Myra Monkhouse.


Season six remains a consistent favorite amongst fans. Praise was given to the performances, character development and production value. One of the few criticisms the season received was directed towards the shows deviation from its realistic original concept to the more outlandish plot elements that were explored through the Urkel character.


Season six consists of 25 episodes.

No. in
No. in
Title Orignal air date Director Writer(s)
121 1 To Be or Not to Be (Part 1) September 23, 1994 John Tracy Jim Geoghan
Harriette asks Carl to go see an eye doctor after he complains about having problems seeing. However, he balks at the idea and takes Eddie's advice by asking Urkel for some help. Urkel, meanwhile, has been perfecting his machine to enable him to be Stefan all the time. Carl asks Stefan to let him step into the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight problems. However, a jealous Myra – wanting to snare herself a certain nerd – tampers with the machine by switching the dial thinking Stefan will use it to change back into Steve. Unbeknownst to her, Carl is really inside and once she learns the truth, she tells Stefan to stop the chamber. Sure enough, the chamber is broken and Myra realizes what she has done when Carl Urkel (instead of Carl Winslow) steps out!
122 2 To Be or Not to Be (Part 2) September 30, 1994 John Tracy Fred Fox Jr.
Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, while Myra explains herself to Stefan. Eventually, Stefan (who has kept Urkel's scientific genius, though at a slower rate) repairs the machine, and has him changed back before he can wreak any more havoc on the Winslow household. Carl eventually realizes he could have spared everyone so much grief by following his wife's advice and getting glasses. Soon after, on Stefan and Laura's date, Stefan says he did not recharge and soon reverts back to Urkel.
123 3 Till Death Do Us Apartment October 7, 1994 Richard Correll Shelia M. Anthony
College freshmen Eddie and Waldo move into their own apartment, but on their first night, Waldo and Maxine's relationship hits a huge misunderstanding when Eddie brings two girls home with him, causing them to break up. The girls show sympathy to Waldo and leave Eddie when they learn how narcisstic and egotistical he is. Meanwhile, with Eddie now in college, Steve tries to be a son to Carl. Carl is displeased until he realizes that Steve knows how much he misses Eddie.
124 4 The Looney Bin October 14, 1994 Richard Correll Felicia D. Henderson
Carl, Urkel and Mr. Looney (Tom Poston) become trapped in the school's old fallout shelter. Now Carl has another source of frustration ... Mr. Looney's (pronounced Lew-neigh, it's French; this becomes his catchphrase anytime someone pronounces it Loo-nee) penchant for singing show tunes. That is until Steve sets Carl straight and tells him that singing show tunes helps them pass time while Eddie is seeking help to free them from the shelter. Meanwhile, Harriette continues her search for a new job, and finds a job at the local clothing store in the Complaint Department.
125 5 Beta Chi Guy October 21, 1994 Richard Correll Jim Geoghan
Eddie is invited to join a prestigious fraternity, despite the fact that he has to ditch Steve in order to become a member. Laura immediately sets him straight and makes him realize his friendship with Urkel is more important to him. Meanwhile, Carl orders a peanut helmet from a shopping network, where you're allowed to try a product for 30 days without paying a single cent. However, Richie and his friend, Lil' G go overboard when they order toys from the same shopping network.
126 6 Dark and Stormy Night October 28, 1994 John Tracy Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan
On a stormy Halloween night, Richie is disappointed because he can't go trick-or-treating. To make it up, Steve, Waldo, and the Winslow clan cheer him up by weaving a 19th-century tale about the Duke of Urkel's battle against a vampire family, the Von Winslows.
127 7 Par For the Course November 4, 1994 Richard Correll Gary M. Goodrich
Carl's sharp-tongued boss, Capt. Savage (Sherman Hemsley), invites him along on a golf outing. Of course, Urkel also gets invited by Savage to tag along (due to both of them being cheese fans), and the result is exactly what one would expect. Meanwhile, Harriette and Laura have it out when she starts coming in past curfew. The last straw came when Harriette showed up at a party, clad in a robe and curlers, to bring her daughter home. Maxine instantly sets Laura straight when she reveals how much her mother is like Steve's parents, uncaring of her well being.
128 8 Sink or Swim November 11, 1994 Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr.
Urkel's straight-A record, as well as his high school graduation, are at risk since he can't pass physical education. And to pass physical education, he must pass a simple swimming test. And to pass the simple swimming test, he must get over his fear of water. And to get over his fear of water, he enlists Carl for help. However, Laura ends up being the real source of helping Steve get over his waterphobia, when she plays a drowning victim. Meanwhile, Richie manages to join a roller skating hockey team, and in order to get equipment, Rachel must return an elegant dress. However, when she goes to return it, there seems to be a torn hole on it. Richie eventually confesses to the crime to stop Harriette and Rachel from fighting.
129 9 Paradise Bluff November 18, 1994 John Tracy Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
On a date to Paradise Bluff, Myra gives Urkel an ultimatum – commit to me now, or else it's over. Steve is about to let her go by reaffirming his love for Laura, but then a near accident with his BMW Isetta puts both of their lives in danger. After quickly coming up with a way to save their lives, Urkel agrees to commit to Myra for now. Meanwhile, Harriette tries to show Carl a barbecue article from a women's magazine that she borrowed from her hairstylist. However, he accidentally looks at the "Rate Your Mate" article and thinks that she surveyed him poorly. Harriette clears up the misunderstanding and reveals that her hairdresser did the quiz and rated her husband poorly. All she asked for Carl to do is look at barbecue recipes for inspiration.
130 10 Flying Blind November 25, 1994 Kelly Sandefur Stephen Langford
Carl and Urkel are passengers on a charter flight. The pilot is an ex-convict named Tony The Farret, a crook that Carl put away several years ago and is back for revenge. He skydives out of the plane, leaving Carl and Urkel to get a crash course in how to fly a plane. Also, Carl puts Eddie on a budget so he can pay off a $75 electric bill. Meanwhile, Laura is depressed that Carl and Steve won't attend one of the last meetings they planned earlier on.
131 11 Miracle on Elm Street December 16, 1994 Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan
Richie brings home a homeless man (Art Evans) for Christmas, much to the Winslow's chagrin, but he winds up teaching them a holiday lesson about the meaning of the season. Meanwhile, Eddie accidentally throws out Laura's rag doll from her childhood. Laura becomes heartsick over the doll's apparent fate, prompting Urkel to visit a landfill in an all-out attempt to rescue the doll.
132 12 Midterm Crisis January 6, 1995 Joel Zwick Stephen Langford
Waldo baked a gourmet cake for his mid-term, which is sure to get a passing grade. However, he never turns his assignment in, thanks to a hungry Eddie and Urkel, who quickly attempts to cover up the situation by baking the same cake for his mid-term (which is a lot harder since neither Eddie and Steve know how to bake). Eventually, Waldo finds out and reprimands them for their greed. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette invite Capt. Savage over to their house, but Savage's date (Lois) makes Carl suspicious about where he's seen her before and realizes she used to work at a local strip club.
133 13 An Unlikely Match January 20, 1995 John Tracy Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
Urkel learns that a bully, Andre (Lamont Bentley), has become stricken with leukemia, due to smoking cigarettes. Urkel does the right thing and puts aside the past and, with Laura's help, stages a bone marrow drive to save his life. Andre is grateful that he gives up being Urkel's bully and befriends him. Meanwhile, Harriette wants to get new furniture for the living room, despite the fact that it'll cost $3,000 to do so. Carl, in his usual skinflint form, learns from his boss Capt. Savage that he could get furniture for cheap at a police auction. Harriette is displeased with it and eventually Carl agrees to get their old furniture back.
134 14 The Substitute Son February 3, 1995 Richard Correll Story by: Reginald VelJohnson
Teleplay by: Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan
Eddie has no time to spend with Carl, so Waldo decides to spend time with him instead. Once Eddie begins to miss out on some of the activities, he starts gets the hint (after Harriette and Mother Winslow called him out for it). Meanwhile, Urkel is beat up by a bunch of ruffians and gets his revenge as Bruce Lee Urkel!
135 15 The Gun February 10, 1995 John Tracy Joseph Cvar and Gary Menteer
Gang member Toni Procopio (Tracey Cherelle Jones) and her friends brutally beat Laura up over her jacket. After being arrested and let out on bail, Toni and her gang tell Laura that she can expect to get shot if she testifies against them again. Laura, scared for her life, decides she needs to buy a gun for self-defense, even though Urkel begs her to reconsider. But then, just moments before Laura can go through with the gun purchase, Toni shoots her other best friend Josie (Trina McGee-Davis) because she refused to give Toni her shoes. Fortunately, the Winslows and Steve start "Save a Life, Turn In Your Gun" and Steve does a rap about saving your life by turning in a gun or other weapons.
136 16 Wedding Bell Blues February 17, 1995 Richard Correll Shelia M. Anthony
Mr. Looney is engaged to be married, but on his wedding day, his bride leaves him at the altar thanks to a jilted ex-lover who comes up with a phony excuse for her to take him back. Humiliated, Mr. Looney contemplates suicide, leaving Urkel and Carl to talk him out of it. They do with the help of an old friend of Looney's who works as a police officer and she shows interest in him. Meanwhile, Laura gets upset when her parents won't let her go with her friends to see Seal in Toledo for one night, despite letting Eddie go to Canada for 4 days with people Carl and Harriette don't know. Soon they see the error of their ways and allow her to go to the concert providing that she keeps a cell phone with her.
137 17 Ain't Nothing but an Urkel February 24, 1995 Kelly Sandefur Stephen Langford
To impress an MIT college recruiter, Urkel demonstrates his transformation chamber. Instead of turning into an Albert Einstein variant, Urkel makes himself into Elvis Urkel by mistake. The hunka-hunka-burning Urkel and his blue suede shoes scare the daylights out of the recruiter, which threatens his acceptance into his childhood college. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to help out a young couple who are fixing to get married and uncover their own problems.
138 18 My Uncle, the Hero March 3, 1995 John Tracy Gary M. Goodrich
Richie's class takes a field trip to the police station, with tour guide Carl trying desperately to keep the dull tour afloat. Soon the class are impressed when he shows a criminal the dangers of his actions if he kills an innocent police officer. Meanwhile, Urkel and Laura plan a surprise birthday party for Myra. Of course, she thinks the two are fooling around behind her back. However, Myra soon ruins it when she learns from Waldo that they were planning her surprise birthday party in secret and owes both Steve and Laura an apology.
139 19 My Bodyguard March 17, 1995 John Tracy Felicia D. Henderson
After foiling a robbery attempt by accidentally knocking out the crook with a broom, Urkel receives a series of threats, prompting Carl to become his bodyguard. Meanwhile, Eddie gets a new girlfriend, who happens to be the daughter of his hard-nosed owner of Mighty Weenie. When he refuses to let them see each other, Greta gives her father a piece of her mind and he eventually relents to let her date Eddie.
140 20 Cheers Looking at You, Kid March 24, 1995 John Tracy Bob Illes and James R. Stein
Urkel spies on Laura during her latest trip to a cheerleading convention in Omaha, Nebraska. He suspects that her newest boyfriend has less than innocent intentions on her. Meanwhile, Waldo tries getting there by his own inventive way of surprising Maxine at the convention shipping himself to her room in a giant box. However, he needs proof reading skills since he wrote inaccurate mailing addresses and a delivery man shows up at the Winslow House to return the box.
141 21 What's Up Doc? March 31, 1995 Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Goeghan
After dealing with Steve's foolish behavior for six years, the Winslows visit a family psychiatrist to air their grievances about Urkel in this clip show. Well, Carl, Eddie and Laura do about how Urkel been bugging them on three occasions, anyway. However, Harriette is dismayed and tells the psychiatrist that even though Steve may seem bothersome at times, he's had plenty of virtues too. When Carl challenges her to name one time, Harriette points out every single kind thing Steve has done for the Winslows, which even Eddie and Laura agrees.
142 22 We're Going to Disney World (Part 1) April 28, 1995 Richard Correll Jim Geoghan
Thanks to his transformation chamber, Urkel is a semi-finalist in a science competition at Walt Disney World Resort and invites the Winslows along. During the final demonstrations, Urkel changes into Stefan and Laura sabotages the machine, forcing the judging of the contest to be delayed three days while Stefan waits for repair parts. In the interim, he and Laura spend a romantic time together. Meanwhile, Carl, having the time of his life, decides to quit the police force and move the family to Orlando, while Eddie, riding in Waldo's truck from Chicago to Orlando, end up driving towards Canada due to Waldo's poor map-reading skills. During one night of the vacation, Stefan proposes to Laura, leading Myra to jolt awake 1100 miles away in Chicago, sensing something is wrong.
143 23 We're Going to Disney World (Part 2) May 5, 1995 Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr.
Myra arrives at Disney World to find Stefan engaged to Laura. Upset by Myra's heartbroken reaction, Laura confesses her sabotage and urges Stefan to turn back into Urkel. Meanwhile, Carl weighs the gravity of his decision to move while, on the road, Eddie and Waldo pick up a female hitchhiker who ends up stealing Waldo's truck.
144 24 They Shoot Urkels, Don't They? May 12, 1995 John Tracy Story by: Stephen Langford
Teleplay by: Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
Urkel and Carl enter a dance marathon hosted by Fletcher (Whitman Mayo, replacing Arnold Johnson) and Estelle, but because the two are so competitive with each other, they both stay up all night dancing until one of them finally gives up. However, Harriette and Myra are sick of their competition and leave them on the dance floor. Soon Steve and Carl realize the consequences of their competitive nature and apologizes to each other, even Harriette and Myra.
145 25 Home Sweet Home May 19, 1995 John Tracy Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears
Urkel's father invents a microscopic camera that lets doctors insert it into patient's brains to search for brain damage. He is asked to showcase the camera in hospitals across Russia, prompting them to move. Urkel, not wanting to move away from his friends, tries to think of an idea. Carl, not wanting the nerd to move in with him, convinces Eddie to let Steve move in with him and Waldo. But when his mutant termites are a little too hungry, they break loose and eat the entire apartment, and once their apartment is destroyed, Eddie and Waldo are forced to move back home. Carl weighs the options, and decides to allow Steve to move in. As a reward for straight A's, Harriette and Maxine shop for a dress for Laura, but Laura dislikes it and learns to compromise with Maxine.