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Stefan Returns is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the fifth season of Family Matters, which aired on ABC on May 13, 1994. It was directed by John Tracy and written by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.


Urkel, still pining for Laura's heart, renovates his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do so. He's a much friendlier, caring person this time but the formula wears off just as Laura professes her love for Stefan. After Laura leaves in a heartbroken huff, claiming that Stefan left her, Urkel is resolved to one day make Stefan permanent.


Laura is helping Maxine get ready for her date with Waldo, which he's going to introduce her to his parents. She asks if Steve could bring Stefan back once more. Laura visits Urkel in his basement and appeals to him to bring Stefan back. He mentions that he can't for right now because he's still in the process in creating a sauce that would help keep his coolness, while maintaining the caring and sensitive traits. Steve is also working on his new science project for school, in using cheese as an electrical current to one day light up the city and thus reducing carbon emissions.

The next day, Urkel completes his challenge and creates not only a liquid known as Boss Sauce and a transformation chamber made from an unused portable toilet, electronics and mechanics. He shows this to Laura as a means to reduce time in the transformation into Stefan and reduce rashes on sensitive parts on his body. After pouring the boss sauce in the liquid compartment, he closes it, opens the hatch to get inside and tells her to pull the lever. Once she does, the chamber does its work and Steve returns as Stefan. Laura is so happy to see and hear him again.

Later on for their date, Carl and Harriette are at home and Stefan is a more polite person. Laura comes downstairs for the date and he gives her a potted plant, informing her he doesn't like to treat flower terribly by cutting them. Eddie takes Stefan and Laura on their date out, even though he still has the BMW Isetta with him.

For their next date a week later, Stefan has renovated the basement to add an elevator and making it cozy. He surprises Laura with a performance from Freddie Jackson. Like before the potion wears off and Stefan has to return as Steve. After Laura leaves hurt, Steve resolves to make him permanent.





  • Freddie Jackson as Himself


  • This is the second episode in the series to use archive footage from a previous episode.
  • Urkel's basement lab is revamped in this episode, with the stairs replaced by an elevator, a heart-shaped fireplace made of marble, and a leather sofa is also present. Above the fireplace is a picture of Laura.
  • During the toast, Stefan mentions Helen of Troy.


Laura: Please, Steve! Please bring back Stefan!
Urkel: Oh, but Laura...
Laura: Pretty please, with sugar on top?
Urkel: Laura, I'm confused. When I was Stefan you begged me to change back into Steve Urkel.
Laura: Well, that's true, but that's because Stefan was shallow and insincere, but... couldn't you create a better Stefan?

Laura: Steve, I know you're busy but I really like Stefan. And if you bring him back I'd be his girlfriend.
Urkel: But... I'd be Stefan, so... really you'd be... my girlfriend, right?
Laura: Right. And isn't that what you've always wanted?

Urkel: In a few moments, Steve Urkel will cease to exist. Well, don't you want to give me one last goodbye?
Laura: [upbeat] Sure. Goodbye at last. [noticing Urkel looks sad] Oh, I'm sorry, Steve. That didn't come out right. I really will miss you.
Urkel: You know what? I'll miss me, too. I'll miss my styling pants. My neato suspenders and my charming laugh. [laughs and snorts] I'll even miss my glasses.

Laura: I think I'm falling in love with you.
Stefan: Oh, Laura... if you only knew how long I've waited to hear those words. Why you've made me...
[switching back to Urkel]
Urkel: ...the happiest man on earth!
Laura: [horrified] Oh, no.
Stefan: I don't know. What, what just happened?
Laura: All of a sudden you sounded like Steve Urkel.
Stefan: Yeah, I know...
[switching back to Urkel again]
Urkel: ...but that's impossible! Isn't it?
Laura: [grabbing Urkel] Go away, Steve! I want my man back!

Laura: I finally found the perfect guy: handsome, cool, and caring. I give him my heart, and what does he do? He leaves me.
Urkel: Yeah, but Lau–
[watches as Laura leaves]
Urkel: As God as my witness... I will not rest until Stefan Urquelle is back... Forever!
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