Swine Lake is the seventeenth episode of the seventh season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on February 16, 1996. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written by Stephen Langford.

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Eddie enrolls in a ballet class to improve his basketball skills. He is invited to participate in an upcoming recital and chooses Greta as his partner, but on the day of the show, Myrtle shows up instead. In the b-story, Harriette suffers an ageism crisis when Curtis accidentally refers to her as Laura's grandmother.

Synopsis Edit

To improve his basketball skills, Eddie (with Greta's encouragement) takes ballet lessons on his coach's suggestion. Steve and Waldo are enjoying a few yuks, which embarrasses Maxine and Myra. Later on Myrtle calls Steve and when he informs her about Eddie's plans to perform Swan Lake with Greta, she is determined to win him over. Concerned over his friend, Urkel warns Myrtle to stay away from Eddie because he loves Greta and respect their personal space.

Meanwhile, after accidentally being called "grandmother" by Laura's latest boyfriend, Curtis, Harriette tries dressing herself in youthful clothes in order to feel young, but later decides to dress like herself when Carl tells her she still looks young in his eyes. He mentions that while Mother Winslow is in her old age, she still feels young.

Eddie and Greta are all set to perform as partners in a recital. However, there's one problem: she disappears midway to the performance and Myrtle replaces her. After the performance, Eddie calls her out for sabotaging his performance with Greta. Myrtle tries to make her advancement to him, but he rejects it. Eddie reaffirms his love for Greta. He mentions that he finds Myrtle very selfish and annoying. She refuses to accept it and mentions that he will one day love her back. Greta shows up with her hand handcuffed to a sink and tells her to give it up. She blames Myrtle for ruining everything for them. Eddie tells her off to stay away from him and reaffirms his love for Greta once more. This doesn't seem to deter Myrtle at all

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  • Chelsea Hackett as Ballet Dancer
  • Mary Woronov as Mrs. Ramsay
  • Andre Paradis as Ballet Dancer

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  • Guest appearance of Tammy Townsend in this episode.

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