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Tender Kisses is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of Family Matters that aired on ABC on February 5, 1993. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.


Unable to get tickets to a Tracie Spencer concert, Eddie, Waldo and Weasel plot to sneak into the rhythm-and-blues singer's hotel room to procure them. Meanwhile, Carl is suspicious when he constantly sees Harriette writing in her diary and gets Urkel to read it to him, only to discover that she had planted a fake diary because she was aware he was going to read it.


Eddie comes home angered at Waldo and Weasel for coming to the ticket stands late and costing them a chance to go to the Tracie Spencer concert. Weasel doesn't bother making up an excuse for his lateness, claiming those people tries to rip them off. Waldo claims he has an excuse for being late to the stands. Eddie sarcastically asks about it and thinking he will come up with the same arrogance as Weasel did. However, he is sympathetic when he learns Waldo was actually visiting his uncle, Cannonball Faldo, at the hospital after being injured from a circus act gone wrong and he was careened into the audience stands. Weasel suggests they disguise themselves to get extra tickets to go to the concert at her hotel room.

Meanwhile, Carl gets suspicious when he constantly sees Harriette writing in her diary and tries to read it. However, she spends the whole night trying to protect her personal thoughts from him. So Harriette makes Carl promise not to read her diary while she's gone. However, he has found where she's hidden it and decides to get Urkel to read it to him.

At the hotel room, Tracie's bodyguard, Lee, refuses a fan's request to have her attend a party, claiming she's busy. After ending a call, he hears a knock on the door and Eddie appears disguised as a bellhop delivering flowers to the room. He is able to fool Lee by working hard to set the flowers in the places Tracie will see them and directed by the guard. However, while in the hotel room, Weasel(disguised as a maid), tries to fool him a well. However, he is caught when he uses his real voice and insults Lee in front of him. Angered, he carries Weasel out of the room and kicks him out. Afterwards, he tells Eddie about the desperations fans will take to meet Tracie. He nervously agrees, as Lee announces the next time he catches someone else sneaking into the room, they're spending the rest of their lives in jail. Eddie drops the spray bottle and becomes nervous himself. Sometime later, Tracie returns and Eddie shares his voice. He is able to procure tickets and backstage passes. However, Waldo almost ruins the moment by going as the Cannonball Faldo.

Back at the Winslow house, Urkel makes his rejection clear. He will not under any circumstances read Harriette's diary for Carl's sake since it's invasion of privacy. He bribes Steve a date with Laura and immediately changes his tune. Carl becomes suspicious when Harriette is implied to have an affair with different men. She comes home and he accuses her of having an extramarital affair. Carl ends up being fooled when Urkel reads an entry from Harriette explaining that she had planted a fake diary because she was aware he'll read it anyway and only wanted to teach him a lesson in respecting her personal thoughts. She allows him to read a verse from her real diary, after sending Steve home.

In the end credits, Eddie tells everyone including Steve of his night out. None of them believe him until Tracie arrives.






  • Tracie Spencer as Herself
  • Stoney Jackson as Lee



  • Tracie Spencer the singer-songwriter made her a special guest in this episode.


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