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The Oddest Couple is the ninth episode of the fourth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on November 20, 1992. It was directed by John Tracy and written by Jim Geoghan.


Eddie once again gets into a fight with Carl over house rules, while Urkel gets into a quarrel with his parents over his scientific experiments constantly going awry. The result: The two become roommates in a run-down apartment owned by a sleazy landlord. They soon realize it's harder than they think when Eddie's irresponsibility and Steve's science collide!


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Carl is waiting up for Eddie and goes inside the kitchen to see Laura is begging Steve to go home because she can't stand any more of his yodels. He attempts to hide but is caught by Urkel. After being annoyed by him, Carl attempts to kick him out. Steve notices he's concerned for Eddie and asks what's wrong. He points out Eddie is late on his 11pm curfew again and it's a school night. Urkel knows curfews too well since his parents imposed a curfew for him and that he is not allowed to return home before midnight. No sooner Steve tells Carl this, his alarm goes off and he goes home.

Later on, Eddie comes home with Weasel and Waldo. Weasel attempts to save him by telling Carl it was his fault that Eddie was late. He claims Eddie was too amused with their late night carousing in him mooning meter maids. Weasel's words embarrasses him further and this enrages Carl. He orders Eddie to say good night to his friends at once because they're going to have one long talk. He slams the door in Weasel and Waldo's faces and tries to head to his room. Carl orders Eddie to stay put and reminds him that his curfew is 11 pm due to it being a school night. Eddie complains that he's a senior in high school, has to have a social life and that an 11pm curfew is ridiculous. Eddie then argues that he needs to hang out with his friends without a curfew imposed on him. Carl points out that mooning meter maids isn't a social life, but rather an insult to law enforcement officers in general. Harriette tries to calm them down, but neither want to listen to her. Eddie decides he will move out and find his own place.

The next day, Eddie is looking into apartment in the rent ads. Urkel then comes inside the Winslow home, informing them that he is considering getting his own place after his father forbade him from creating scientific inventions. Eddie decides to move into Urkel's new place as a result. A few days into moving in, Eddie and Urkel both have issues with their living quarters.






  • Gerrit Graham as Landlord



  • Eddie mentions that he asked his father to buy a snow blower before, to which Carl responds that he didn't have to buy one because he had Eddie. This is a reference to "Ice Station Winslow", where Eddie asked for one and Carl told him that they didn't need one when they had him.
  • It is revealed that Steve Urkel pays his parents rent every month for allowing him to live there.
  • The scene where Weasel introduces himself to Carl is cut in later airings of the episode, making it look like he already knows him.


Urkel: Eddie Winslow, you're my best friend and I've always looked up to you. But right now you're acting like a horse's patoot!
Eddie: What?
Urkel: That man is your father. The same blood that courses through his veins flows through yours.
Eddie: I know.
Urkel: Do you think he came all the way over here to bring you a dry, inedible cake? I think not. Am I right, Carl?
Carl: Well, uh...
Urkel: He was offering you an olive branch in his own awkward, portly way. Listen, you Winslows are proud, proud men. But right now it's your pride that's keeping you apart.
Eddie: Hey, he started it!
Carl: I am not the one who waltzed into the house an hour and a half late!
Urkel: Hold it! There you go again. Eddie?
Eddie: What?
Urkel: Do you love your father?
Eddie: Oh, Steve, come on...
Urkel: Just answer the question. Do you love this man?
Eddie: Yeah.
Urkel: Carl, tell your son how you feel.
Carl: Well, I miss him.
Urkel: Don't tell me. He's right there.

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