The Party is the sixteenth episode of the first season from the television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on February 2, 1990. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Ken Kuta.

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Carl tells Eddie "No Friends Allowed" while the adults are out. However, after dinner is ruined, Rodney comes over and brings pizza. Eventually, he invites some friends, which piled up into a huge party. Meanwhile, Carl cannot figure out directions to the wedding.

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Carl leaves Eddie in charge of the household while the adults go on an overnight trip to their uncle Darryl's house for his birthday party. There's one major rule: No guests allowed! Eddie obeys at first, but then dinner is ruined. Rodney comes over to deliver pizza and saves them from eating burned meatloaf. After this, Eddie tells Rodney that he's the only that's leaving because he promised his parents to uphold the "No Friends Allowed" rules while they're gone. Then two pretty girls show up ... and things quickly spiral into a huge house party that Eddie quickly loses control over. Rival football players even play football with Urkel(who just came over to see Laura) and damages an old gravy boat that has been in Harriette's family for years. Eddie and Laura tries to stop the kids from making damages to the house and Judy takes advantage by taking pictures as evidence.

Meanwhile, Carl cannot figure out directions to his brother Darrell's 40th birthday party and gets a citation by a sheriff for going the wrong way. This quickly embarrasses the women knowing he was being ignorant and should've asked for directions.

Only when Carl, Harriette, Estelle and Rachel arrive home early to bust Eddie does everything calm down. The adults proves to be more effective in chasing the rambunctious kids out, including Rodney. While cleaning up and despite Laura's best efforts to pin the blame on Eddie, Judy snitches on both of them to the adults with pictures as evidence. Rachel sends her off to bed, while Carl and Harriette give Eddie and Laura a piece of their minds. Being too upset to decide a proper punishment for the kids, Carl sends Eddie and Laura off to bed. Everything remains quiet that is, until Carl finds Urkel under inside the sofa and sends him home.

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  • Shawn Harrison as Guy in Towel
  • Bruno Alexander as Officer
  • Bentley Kyle Evans as Lamar (credited as Bentley Evans)
  • Kendra Booth as Robin
  • Curtis Baldwin as Football Player

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Shawn Harrison; credited as "Guy in Towel" for this episode, though in subsequent episodes he assumes the name Waldo Faldo.

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