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They Shoot Urkels, Don't They? is the twenty-fourth episode of the sixth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on May 12, 1995. It was directed by John Tracy and written by Stephen Langford, Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears.


Urkel and Carl enter a dance marathon hosted by Fletcher and Estelle, but because the two are so competitive with each other, they both stay up all night dancing until one of them finally gives up. Among the dances performed are Country Line Dancing, The Charleston, The Tango, The Jitterbug, Polka Dancing and The Hand Jive. However, Harriette and Myra are sick of their competition and leave them on the dance floor. Soon, Steve and Carl realize the consequences of their competitive nature and apologize.


The episode opens up with a arm wrestling match taking place with Carl and Eddie. Eventually, Steve enters the home challenging Carl to a arm wrestling match. Steve and Carl face off, but Steve loses the match to Carl. Carl wins, but in Steve's mind he said that he might've won, but Steve made his arm sore. He then lies and say that his arm is fine. After Steve and Eddie leave the house, Carl then puts his arm in the freezer, proving that his arm is sore.

After the opening credits, Laura and Harriette are seen putting up food and other things they brought home from the store. As they are in the middle of it, an angry Estelle and her boyfriend, Fletcher (this time played by Whitman Mayo) enters the kitchen. Harriette asks what is wrong and she said that they're taking money away from the senior citizens center that she attends in on some occasions. After hearing the news, the family makes a suggestion to raise money by doing a dance marathon. As this idea is going on, Fletcher gets a minor injury in his back trying to demonstrate his moves that he'll do on the dance floor. This minor injury only causes him to be a judge instead of a dancer.

Later in the house, Laura is seen creating decorations for the dance when Maxine and Waldo enters the house. Maxine questions Laura asking if she has a date to the dance. Her response is that she had been extremely busy and hasn't had a chance to make any calls or texts. Waldo then suggests that she can go out with his cousin, Bob. She agrees and he says that if he doesn't pick up, he's gonna call his mother, Barbara Ann.

At the dance, it is seen that Harriette and Carl have arrived and Carl can't stop practicing his dance moves. Steve and Myra are seen on the other side and Harriette gives her a compliment saying that she looks beautiful. Then, she says that Steve picked it out saying that they're going to win. Steve arrives and him and Carl almost get into another heated argument about the arm wrestling match that happened earlier in the episode. After being distracted once more by Myra's outfit, Fletcher and Estelle enters the stage welcoming the contestants to the dance marathon. After a short rule made by Fletcher, Estelle introduces special guest stars for the show, All-4-One. They perform a hit song "She's Got Skillz" and Fletcher and Estelle and the rest of the contestants are seen dancing.

After the break (for those of you who saw it on TV), the contestants are seen going through different dances with a DJ on the set. They go through Polka, The Charleston, The Hand Jive, and much more dances. The dancing is slowed down, when blues, jazz, and other genres are playing. Everyone is sore, except for Waldo, who is still dancing. After Maxine convinces him that they need to go home, they do. Leaving others on the floor. Richie and his date Elizabeth is seen sleep. More people leave the dance leaving Carl, Harriette, Steve, and Myra on the floor. Harriette suggests that they call it a tie after Carl and Steve start talking about each other. Carl denies the tie and Harriette puts him in place from being childish. After that, she leaves saying that he's walking home for his actions. Myra leaves Steve as well, saying that she loves him, but since her foot is hurting. she leaves. This leaves Carl and Steve on the dance floor. Estelle and Fletcher leaves as well after telling them the dance is over. The DJ as well leaving. After dancing in darkness to light, Carl and Steve eventually call it a tie. This cause them to make up for their mistakes and become friends again.

In the end credits, All-4-One is seen in a soul train line along with the cast of the show dancing.






  • Cerita Monet Bicklemann as Elizabeth
  • Jabu Dinani as Bob
  • Tony Borowiak as Himself (in All-4-One)
  • Delious Kennedy as Himself (in All-4-One)
  • Jamie Lamar Jones as Himself (in All-4-One)
  • Alfred Nevarez as Himself (in All-4-One)
  • Montae Russell as DJ
  • Terri J. Vaughn as Eddie's Date


  • Guest Stars: All-4-One
  • Fletcher Thomas is played by Whitman Mayo in this episode, replacing Arnold Johnson.
  • This episode marks the only time that Harriette and Myra set Carl and Urkel straight by leaving them on the dance floor.
  • Before the dance marathon begins, Harriette compliments Myra’s outfit and Myra says that Steve picked it out. Her outfit is the exact same outfit that Laura owns and she wears it in the opening credits when the family stands around the piano singing.
  • Outside of the storyline between Carl and Steve, the episode was meant to evolve the character of Laura. Up until this episode, Laura’s attractiveness to boys had been the cliche shallow cheerleader. With the writers wanting to bring Laura and Steve closer together in the following two (originally slated to be three) seasons, they wrote Laura to be with a dwarf dance partner as a way to slowly abolish this part of her personality.


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