We're Going to Disney World (Part 2) is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on April 28, 1995. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Fred Fox Jr.

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Can Waldo read a map? Guess not, since he and Eddie wind up in Canada. Eventually, their car is stolen, leaving them hitching a ride to Florida. Meanwhile, Carl weighs a job offer in Florida while Myra arrives and finds out that Stefan and Laura are getting married and Steve will never come back. The sadness made Laura feel guilty and she wanted Stefan to fix the chamber.

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At her room in the Monkhouse home, Myra calls the hotel in Orlando asking them if Urkel has returned as she is his girlfriend. When they inform her that he hasn't, she hangs up and calls for her mother. When Mavis shows up, Myra admits her disappointment and is worried that something bad has happened to Steve. She's flying out to Orlando to check up on him and Mavis helps Myra pack her suitcase for her trip.

Eddie and Waldo run into a number of silly situations as they get lost on their way to Orlando. Eddie must also deal with the fact that Waldo can't even read a map and got them lost to Canada, instead of getting them to Florida. Soon they pick up a beautiful and cunning hitchhiker named India who tricks them into leaving the truck so she can steal it for herself.

Meanwhile, Carl weighs a job offer in Orlando when he is at peace in Disney World. Stefan mentions that he proposed to Laura and she accepts, but is still troubled for an unknown reason. Carl asks him about Myra and this catches his attention since a part of him(Steve) is worried about her. Later on, The family goes on the Tower of Terror. Richie thinks he has gotten an new record at 8, but the bellhop reminds him the record is 15 and look at the person sitting next to him. The person is revealed to be Estelle.

Myra arrives to stop Stefan from proposing to Laura. When she is too late and learns Urkel will never come back, she gives the pin back to Stefan and leaves. Laura feels guilty for being so selfish and leaves. When alone with Stefan, she confessed to her wrongdoing and why she sabotaged the transformation chamber to prevent Urkel from returning. Laura asks him to forgive her and remain like this. Stefan is angry at her betrayal and calls her out for being selfish. He mentions he can't marry Laura because of her actions in hurting not only him, but also Myra, whose heartbroken. She agrees and apologizes again for her actions, mentioning that he's right to be angry at her. Stefan forgives Laura when she pleads with him to fix the transformation chamber and return as Urkel.

Harriette convinces Carl that they need to return to Chicago at once because Savage and their neighbors miss them so much.

Stefan fixes the chamber and returns as Steve. When informed he has won first prize, Urkel quickly refuses it and reveals his concerns if he were to let his own creations fall into the wrong hands. The Judge give the prize to the female contestant who punches Oliver for calling her a “Babbling Bimbo” Steve thanks Laura for doing the right thing.

In the end credits, Eddie and Waldo arrive having hitchhiked from Canada as Urkel, Myra and the other Winslows are about to leave. This time, Carl informs Steve that he will be the one driving them back to the airport so they can go home. Upon seeing Eddie and Waldo, he confronts them for being late. Eddie revealed that they went the wrong way to Canada due to Waldo's inability to read a map properly, how they got the truck stolen from a hitchhiker and having to hitchhike all the way to Orlando to finally go to Disney World. Carl forces the two inside and leaves for Chicago.

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  • Phynjuar Thomas as Mavis Monkhouse
  • Anthony Franco as Vincenzo
  • Tanya Wright as India
  • Steve Witting as Martin
  • David L. Lander as Oliver
  • Mike Guy as Science Fair Judge
  • Shari Shaw as Zoralee Rasmussen (credited as Shari Ballard)
  • Russel Sanderlin Sr. as Wedding Guest

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of Telma Hopkins as Rachel Crawford until season 9 (she is mentioned, however, in season 7).
  • This episode, like the previous one, was filmed on location at the Walt Disney World Resort (before the creation of its fourth theme park in 1998, Disney's Animal Kingdom).
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Myra's mother, Mavis, played by Michelle Thomas' real-life mother, Phynjuar Thomas.
  • The exterior of Myra’s house is the same as Larry and Jennifer’s Victorian house in the last two seasons of the parent series Perfect Strangers.

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