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Alex "Weasel" Park is one of Eddie's friends. He was played by Shavar Ross.


In Season 4's "Rumor Has It", Weasel began as a friend of Ted Curran, but is known by his proper name, Alex. He and another friend were responsible for the rumors about Laura and Ted having sex that lead Eddie to confront him. After getting the truth out, he blamed Weasel for starting the rumors as she ends her relationship with him. Weasel would later appear in "The Oddest Couple", and it was revealed that he was a hard-headed, troublemaking individual that likes mooning "meter-maids" which Carl is enraged about.

In "Muskrat Love", he successfully convinces Eddie to ditch Melissa Robbins because he thinks that she's too unattractive in the terms of looks. At the dance, Weasel tries to flirt with Laura, but is forced to leave her alone. Seeing Melissa dancing with Steve, Eddie had enough of it and tells Weasel off that she may not be a "cover girl", but he likes her anyway. He also tells him that if he only looks for a girl for her looks alone then he's missing out on the whole person itself. In "Hot Stuff", Weasel had a friend who offered to get Eddie better stereo sound system in his car for a decent price. However, he becomes suspicious when Steve revealed that the stereo system numbers were scraped off and is stolen. The next day, Eddie confronts Weasel about the stolen stereo system that costed him $400. In "Stormy Weather", Waldo has set up a date for Weasel with Quesidilla, which Eddie thinks it's a bad idea because of the way he behaves. He kept watch over them, but she tells him that Weasel hasn't been doing anything bad to her and she'll be fine.

Weasel would make another appearance in Season 5. His last appearance is in "Rock Enroll" and it was mentioned that Weasel won an award for the most days in detention. It's unknown what became of him after disappearing.

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