Words Hurt is the fourth episode of the third season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on October 11, 1991. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by David W. Duclon and Fred Fox Jr.

Opening Teasing Edit

Steve emerge from Carl and Harriette's room where he was sleepwalking holding a newspaper, then he hits him and then he said "Steve" before hitting Carl, then he walks out the door. Carl wakes up Harriette but she wants to sleep for eight hours and he closed the door and place a chair in front of it, where Steve will not go inside. Then for an hour later Steve gets the ladder and place it in the window before going again. Carl turns on the light his wife Harriette hit the pillow at him and Urkel hit him again 2 times, then Harriette talk to Carl and she said "I think he's sleepwalking", also he wave his hand where Urkel didn't wake-up and hit him. Carl said "Oh Yes I Do" when he hits him again 3 times and Carl grab the newspaper before Steve had another newspaper and hit him, then Carl is chasing Steve where they grab by Harriette and hit him again by Urkel.

Plot Edit

Harriette and Rachel hire a hypnotist to determine why a sleepwalking Urkel has been acting out his continuing pick on Carl. They learn that, during one of his visits, Urkel caused an accident that ruined a model ship Carl had worked 4½ months on. Carl selfishly told Urkel to get lost and leave him alone, then (not knowing Urkel could overhear him) told Laura he wished he'd go away permanently. Carl tries defending his actions, but Harriette and Rachel — in an effort to tell him that words hurt — decide to give him the silent treatment until he apologizes.

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  • Earl Boen as Mr. Goodrich

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Rachel: Can you make him quack like a duck every time the phone rings?
Dr. Goodrich: Ms. Crawford, I am a medical doctor, not a carnival act!
Rachel: (to Harriette) He's not gonna make him quack.
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